Following months of wrestling with the best decisive outcome for the trash service within Walker Lake, a solution has been agreed upon. Larry Grant, Director of Hawthorne Utilities, referred to it as “someone that dropped from the sky” as Andy Countryman from Fallon arrived to complete the necessary paperwork and licensing to provide home site trash pick-up.

Already operating in Fallon as Handy Andy’s Disposal Service, Countryman comes with an established background.

“I was a handyman for years but mentored in the disposal service under George Fernandez, who has been in the business over 30 years. At his urging, I began servicing the rural areas and the Mineral County opportunity came to me word-of-mouth at a busy time in January. When someone mentioned that Walker Lake was still open I took a drive down and networked into all the right people that same day. I look forward to servicing this new area starting July 1st, with Fridays as the weekly pickup day.”

With a July 7 first pickup day, Countryman is using the abandonment law as many customers in Walker Lake retained the previous blue refuse containers. For those that do not have these commercial-sized containers, he advised that any large, rolling trash can will work as it is conveniently put out at the customer’s roadside.

This service is only for standard household disposal, so he reminds everyone not to include any hazard items such as solvents, paints, tires and no construction/yard debris items. He will arrange for a local station, so extra-large items may be picked up at a separate cost by calling 775-384-4979 or 775-455-5692 in advance. Extended trash services are available on a separate day.

Should one desire to exercise their eco-friendly desires, recycled metal or aluminum cans can be placed in a separate black trash bag for pick-up, but no recycling credit will be given. There is the possibility for a transfer station to accommodate this kind of service in the future.

Handy Andy Disposal Service offers e-billing at $22 a month; $63 a quarter and $255 a year and extra services can be quoted (ie: yard cleanup, real estate construction items, etc.). Mailed billings can also be arranged at signup.

The current, county-provided roll-off bin will be removed Friday, June 30, so no other local refuse service will be available as a weekly accommodation other than signing up with the Handy Andy Disposal Service. The 67 previous signups done at Hawthorne Utilities have been given to Handy Andy’s service for follow-up and billings.

Feel free to contact him with questions or to sign-up by calling the numbers listed, or by logging onto