Sheri Samson
Taylen Wachsmuth and Tiera McFalls were named Athletes of the Year at the Mineral County High School Sports Banquet.

A full evening of accolades, awards and recognition filled the room as this end-of-the-year High School Sports Banquet celebrated the 2016-17 participants. With the Mineral County Booster Club hosting the evening and a Burke’s BBQ Taco Bar dinner being served, many families enjoyed the festivities of honoring the student athletes attending.

As the Booster Club President, Michelle Hart, Coaches and the assistants stood before their team players, words of praise and dedication were easily spoken. Another commonality was seeing the same athlete’s faces returning to the front for varying sporting endeavors, under differing coaches, many lettering and receiving multiple pins of participation.

The Athlete of the Year awards went to Taylen Wachsmuth and Tiera McFalls, both of which participated in a full year of various sports, fulfilling their commitments while keeping their grade point averages near the 4.0 levels. Each student was commended for their excellence in achieving their goals.

Coach T.C. Knight and Shelly Tweedy presented the girls volleyball team with certificates. Then Head Coach, Les Horn, was joined by Assistant Coaches, Nate Ridley and Marty Waggoner, in reviewing the praise of the 2016-17 football season, with players from all grades receiving their certificates.

This year, Head Coach Mike Fitzgerald presented five students their participation awards for the golf team. First year Wrestling Team was next to score a significant accolade from Head Coach, John Gavin, for their dedication to the newest sport on campus. Gavin gave special mention to junior student Anthony Ramirez, who finished fourth in the state competition.

The ladies basketball had a strong season and was honored as the rookie team by Amanda Jones; J.V. team by Erin Dunagan.

As Head Coach Pete Summerbell and Assistant Coach Nate Ridley made their way to honor this year’s boys basketball accomplishments, it was clear that the passion within the team remained strong amidst their team. Summerbell credited the efforts of those working with the younger grades to produce a seasoned team. He also gave credit to the supporters which build the momentum of a team, such as the Booster Club, Park and Recreation Department, The El Cap and more. With this there was a special award presented to Arlo Funk for his dedicated support, ticket booth assistance and his greeting smile at the games. Secondly, the team gave an award to bus driver, Ed Stidham, for his continued efforts in filming the team and remaining positive in their outcomes.

Cheerleading Coach, Erin Dunagan, gave certificates to the cheerleaders while reminding everyone of their seven-month commitment and outstanding support to the varsity and J.V. teams throughout the year.

The ladies softball team was greeted by Head Coach Cory Rivero, who was joined by assisting coaches Larry Jackson and Michael Stephens. Parent, Debra Bennett, also received a shoutout for assisting the team with extra duties along the season.

Head Coach, Darren Hamrey, was joined by assistants Casey Kee and Kyle Isom as the boy’s baseball team came to the front for their certificates. Hamrey shared about the great season and his players, expressing that nine players had been selected to all-conference teams.

The boys and girls track teams were awarded by Coaches Amber Fitzer and Marty Waggoner, with mention of special students that placed in the hi-jump and other state competitions.

Throughout the evening, it was easy to see many dedicated coaches that give “double-duty” in coaching while balancing their career lives. Spouses were also involved in leading the teams, as well as parents. Every true participant gave way to successfully earning bragging rights. The coaches were proud overseers; elaborating on sportsmanship, efforts and results, making every student feel special.