Mineral County Planning Commission members David Ellis and Mark Nixon met with the Independent-News last week urging the Nevada State Senate to ensure that the Intermountain West Corridor (I-11) does not bypass Mineral County.

Nixon explained that much work has been accomplished since the first town hall meeting where questions and support were raised regarding the I-11 proposal.

Working with Churchill County, Nixon explains that they have mapped the I-11 to Harmon Junction outside of Fallon. “Where it goes from there, I don’t know,” Nixon states.

Nixon explains that Congressman Mark Amodei proposed that his route through Gabbs is no longer on the table due to the land withdraw that the Naval Air Station Fallon is currently working on, makes the Amodei route a “no-go”.

Working with Churchill County on not only the I-11 proposal but also the Naval Air Station Fallon land withdrawal that will affect both Mineral and Churchill, Nixon explains that even the Navy seemed to “be on board with what we are doing [in regards to I-11] as it doesn’t affect with the Navy is doing. If you stop and think about it – the route we propose actually helps them in their expansions because if they follow the [Highway] 95 corridor, it would limit and hinder them on their bombing range.”

When asked about the Walker River Paiute tribe’s opinion regarding the I-11 proposal, Nixon states that they have met with the tribal council with questions regarding what is going to be transported on the rail through their boundaries.

The new proposed route that both Ellis and Nixon are looking at currently goes through Wild Horse Canyon on the backside of Walker Lake. The mapped interstate would skirt the foothills of the mountains.

Ellis explained how the proposed I-11 interstate will affect the Hawthorne Army Depot’s ARMS agreement industrial area.

Nixon questions as to why Mineral County was not contacted regarding the Nevada Department of Transportation Master Plan – transportation corridors.

Mineral County residents are urged to contact Rudy Malfabon, Nevada Department of Transportation Director to voice opinions to get the I-11 through Mineral County.

Ellis asks that business and individuals can help the cause by writing letters of support regarding the I-11 proposal. A proposal presented to the assembly and senate has been placed at the Mineral County Library for review. If you would like a copy, contact him at 775-843-6214.

Both Nixon and Ellis are open to the invitation of another Town Hall Meeting to get residents up to date on the development of this on-going process. Contact either Nixon at B&B Hardware or Ellis at the number above if interested.

On Monday, May 15, the resolution to keep I-11 in Mineral County, passed the senate 43- yes to 0-no.