To the Editor,

I picked up my weekly paper from the post office after being gone a couple days in Reno and opened it to read. I was more than a little surprised to see my name come up in regards to landfill assessments as I had been waiting for a couple weeks or more to get the letter from our court clerk’s office that I even had been put on the agenda.

When did this policy change? A person fills out a form requesting an audience of the commissioners and in the past 30 years I have had many, I was not informed of being on an agenda, yet knowing that, they discussed my issues and dismiss me and my complaint behind my back instead of facing me. I guess they didn’t like the fact I was asking to carry a petition to have them recalled because of hiking our already burdensome assessments on the basis of (way in the) future expenses to close our landfill when they run out of space- well duh.

Recycle-recycle-recycle. I guess a different approach will be needed, but I firmly believe our forefathers protested about “taxation without representation” so I will persist in these efforts.

Susan Maple