Dear Editor,

It is hard for me to believe we are part way through the Impeachment Trial and I have heard not a word from anyone in this town. I am originally from California and they care over there, people discuss important information. I started to ask one person his opinion here and he got extremely angry. He is a supporter of the president.

Adam Schiff has done a marvelous job so far and he has been a pleasure to watch. The Democratic managers do repeat, just as the Republican lawyers do, but for a different reason. The Democrats want people to hear the evidence and the Republicans want to push confusion and lies. If you disagree then you are not watching the trial. I had spent most of my life as a Republican but never again. I have morals, respect for others, I hate liars and corrupt conmen are on my list right above telemarketers.

So far it looks like McConnell and the Republican Senators will not honor their oath but we will see. By next week things could be different but I doubt it. I am a Vietnam veteran, I love this town, love our country and I don’t want this country run by a dictator.

Bud Twilling