Sheri Samson
Joe’s Tavern owner Rob Cashell (right) provided funds for new sound panels at the convention center.

Rob Cashell, owner of Joe’s Tavern in Hawthorne, recently visited the USO Convention Center to see three new artistically-rendered sound panels which he had provided funds for. These were graphically laid out and completed by David Bowen, a resident of Walker Lake and a well-established artist originally from Laguna Beach, Calif.

Hosting a small tour of interest within the 1942 dated facility was Director Mike McNeill, Shelley Hartmann of the Mineral County Economic Development Agency (MCEDA) and local real estate agent and MCEDA board member, Donna Glazier.

Cashell is the CEO of various Nevada enterprises such as Winner’s, Sundance and Pete’s Gambling Hall in Winnemucca, as well as Topaz Lake Lodge and other commercial endeavors. As a longtime Nevada resident, Cashell expressed his gratefulness to have the opportunity to contribute to such a project. By giving into the community, he stated it was a way of giving back to a town that has supported his local interest. Enjoying the artwork and the displays were a satisfaction which he expressed as “something special – to last long-term for the history of the building.”

The three custom panels are the first in a total of six to be commissioned. Each screen measures out at 67 inches in height and 42 inches in width and was installed along the outer edges of the large auditorium room. Each panel depicts area items which are nostalgically related to the building and local county interest. Historic pictures were submitted as an inspiration to many past events, as well as recent moments held within the facility, which all held a relationship to what the USO stands for.

Cashell was intrigued to learn that the recent Mineral County tourism brochure, produced by the tourism board and the Nevada Board on Tourism, was the fastest moving brochure within the distribution company, with an especially effective interest coming from the Reno and Tahoe marketplaces. McNeill also stated that an exceptional, positive increase had been seen within Hawthorne’s tourism and more brochures needed to be printed as the distribution company was begging for more. Grants and funding for more brochures were patiently being sought after.

Hartmann was able to introduce Cashell to the many business opportunities coming forth, with a mapping of rail expansion possibilities and the business complex available through the base property, which was spearheaded over a year ago with the assistance of Lt. Col. Gregory Gibbons as the commanding officer, who fully supported the use of idle land.

“I hope the commissioners maintain a strong and strengthened business community so other groups can be supported, like the Boys & Girls Club and other areas of need. When the businesses do well, so do the non-profit groups because the community is strong enough to give and receive,” Cashell expressed in review.