Sheri Samson
Mineral County High School played host to a career fair last week in the gym.

As this year’s High School Career Fair unfolded, the gym was full of professionals with handouts and give-a-ways, all arranged to guide and clarify some potential goals toward a bright future.

Meshanna Huntley, the Gear-Up Coordinator, was on hand to coordinate the day’s informative presentation, which was open to the public. Countless hours had been spent contacting local and state entities within a variety of fields, as it finally came together in one large event. Colleges to various utility companies arrived early to set up their locations. Local businesses as well as county entities, such as the district and judicial court system, were represented to provide a one-to-one conversation about personal endeavors and suggestions toward career goals. Companies traveled in to showcase their innovative businesses, such as Tesla, Ormat, engineering plus mining firms. Military recruiters explained enlistment procedures and benefits, as local companies such as Dr. Dow’s Dentistry, Lahontan Veterinary and the Sign City provided information for working locally.

With a well-rounded opportunity of gaining literature and knowledge, a group of eighth graders admitted that looking at a chosen career early can benefit their decisions over the next five years.

Sky Lockwood listened to the Tesla presentation, asking questions about the multi-media products provided and taking some handouts from the table. “I like the idea of new technology and they are cleaner for the environment. I have time to plan it out, but it would be cool to work for them,” Lockwood shared.

With the varying educational components available, many of the career stations networked and coordinated with each other in efforts of benefitting the students and the community in a day of exposing avenues toward success.

Even the Mineral County School Board sat up a booth this year, taking a survey on how to improve the educational opportunities and how to get parents more involved in the educational processes. Some results asked for longer lunch periods with good vending machines and allowing ear phones with their music of choice while taking tests. Other answers had responses, such as developing a better communicational system to parents and including practical teaching items which would better prepare a graduate to balance a budget or their check book and how to write a scholarship letter properly. One student asked that a community dinner be hosted once a year to promote all that was right in the schools instead of all the small stuff that people think is wrong.

And so, the 2017 Career Day success extended information to the students and participants providing an outlet for further discussion and exploration.