Sheri Samson
Walker Lake Resident Shelly Hartmann and Donna Glazier joined in the volunteer clean up on Saturday.

As another heavy wind came through on Friday, Feb. 17, it sent dangerous roofing debris flying that was originally blown off a large building on Feb. 9, located along the frontage road of Highway 95 at Walker Lake.

Residents came together for a Saturday cleanup as Friday’s winds died down.

With a Facebook posting and word-of-mouth messages going out on Friday, 12 volunteers showed up.

Flammable insulation was picked up by pitch forks, then placed in commercial bags for easier disposal. The younger, more agile volunteers climbed the steep cliff area to hook chains to the heaviest debris. Trucks pulled the larger wood that was still attached to 12-foot aluminum strips, down to a workable level. The drainage ditch running along the highway was cleared of debris by several volunteers who also pulled it to the disposal unit. One neighboring home had yard and hillside debris removed of blowing insulation.

It took over four hours and two full roll offs to complete the removal.