A notification from the National Association of Counties regarding a grant noted half was left from 2015.


Commissioner Garth Price read voucher requests, with Commissioner Jerrie Tipton moving for approval.


Recorder-Auditor Christine Hoferer presented an accounting fund summary and balance report and the Financial Horizon Credit Union account update. Accepted as read by Commissioner Chris Hegg.


Carla James from the BLM mentioned a planning meeting date of Feb. 21. Road issues in Marietta were being addressed. A nomination process for the geothermal committee will be done by September. Areas that effect BLM lands will be decided and discussed within forest service areas, Whiskey Flats, Road Marsh lands and several others.


For consideration of purchasing of two vehicles using the USDA Grant of $20,000, two must be purchased. Due to employee shortage, funds could be utilized from the unused benefits funded, combined with recent auction money. Commissioner Tipton concern about an October 2016 grant being jeopardized in using other available funds. Sheriff Randy Adams used the figure of $34,000 each but fully equipped these updated fleet vehicles need a proper radio system. Commissioner Tipton motioned to accept proposal, not to exceed $50,000, using USDA funds and auction funding in combination.


Glenn Bunch and Karen Colbert were on hand to review with new commissioners the past and the possible county departments supporting the Armed Forces Day. Bunch requested that their committee be used as the official coordinating factor controlling any county involvement to avoid surprises as happened in the past. Commissioner Tipton agreed with the importance as Bunch also emphasized the AMD insurance coverage aspects for the event. District Attorney Sean Rowe stated that the overall committee use of county resources cannot benefit one specific business or individual, but may benefit the overall event. Mentioned country resources included Hawthorne Utilities garbage cans; County Fire Dept.; Public Works with water trucks; Sheriff’s department and the maintenance department. Tammy Hamrey verified that equipment purchased with specific grant requirements may not be used due to grant criteria.


Director Courtney Oberhansli received the approval of one member, Christine Klicker, to the library board of trustees to fill a vacancy termed until December 2018.


Cherrie George, Program Director from the Senior Services, received approval to temporarily close the Hawthorne Senior Center for structural repairs, asbestos abatement and floor replacement, moving the meal service location to the Presbyterian Church on 6th and F St. as they offered their commercial kitchen use, during the estimated time frame of March 10-19. Home bound food delivery will continue. Administration will be closed off from structural repairs and remain open with separate access. Eric Hamrey has been diligent with flooring issues and estimated completion by Mar. 18.


As George began discussion regarding a possible action involved in the county leasing the location from the school district for five years, with an option to purchase the building, it was brought with concern as Commissioner Hegg presented a copy of a past Belfour report regarding engineering and structural issues within the buildings structure. According to Hegg, the roof repairs and replacement had not been done correctly as the structure had weight issues. District Attorney Rowe addressed that a letter for the lease had been discussed and passed by the school board, but any contract development needed to be collaborated with the school district and confirmation of the Hegg presented Belfour report and past recommendations combined with confirming the work that was completed should be explored. Commissioner Hegg spoke of the building cradling water and flexing was done wrong. Building would need to be jacked up and restabilized to current standards, along with a rebuilt rafter system. Estimated costs could be $285,000 to $380,000. Also with overall restoration and current rehab standards it may take $600,000 to $700,000, which Hegg stated was beyond the assessed value.


George requested acceptance for the ADSD Nutrition services Incentive Program (NSIP). Grant was approved.


Staci Emm brought a list of services within Mineral County which provides local agency contact information, locations and expressed the need to provide resources without duplicating efforts. Newly hired, Crystal Sasser was introduced as providing the report and research pertaining to the list as ascertained by a need assessment study done in 2015 with focus groups from each town, except Schurz who chose not participate.

Also for discussion was the acceptance of a compressed video unit and installation of a new wireless internet in a classroom. Various options were discussed as well as fiber optic costs and monthly fees for AT&T installation costs. Emm shared that a grant requested eight years ago had come through for a new system and emergency management being done in the back room would need internet, which the local emergency planning commission group also identified. Coordination to continue this avenue of quality internet will be continued.


Eric Hamrey, Public Works Director, presented a plan for a county surplus sale. Staging was already taking place in the maintenance yard; scheduled as an April 12, online auction through Baxtin Auctions. Items will include vehicles, fire and road department items, used office items within the county and other variety of items. Proceeds will be given according to items and department pieces sold. Discussion and questions regarding the sheriff departments advertising procedures for the previous week’s vehicle and surplus auction was questioned. Hoferer attempted to research current policy regarding surplus sales, especially in regard to public advertising requirements. (At the end of the day’s meetings, Sheriff Adams came in to advise the commissioners that Baxtin Auctions were contacted regarding this issue and they stated it met all requirements set forth in Nevada law. Sheriff Adams did not know or confirm where public notification had been done.)


Eric Hamrey presented a replacement of the Airport PAPI system and relocation to meet the FAA requirements. Request was for $6,250 in a matching grant for the 2017-2018 budgetary year. Motion approved.


District Attorney Rowe requested that the bi-annual state contract be approved. This agreement pays the 66 percent local legal expenses associated with the costs of obtaining child support. The average agreement assists up to $150,000, but if helps fund two employees and the district attorney’s office costs.


District Attorney Rowe requested for consideration the adoption of a new resolution which allows for proper legal procedural processes when proposals or adoption of ordinances be submitted to the board of commissioners. District Attorney Rowe stated that an initial legal review, with a proper organized direction for clarity, needs to be initiated. Rowe will review with Commissioner Price to discuss further.


Commissioner Hegg ask that the Board of Commissioners accept Eric Hamrey as temporarily managing the Mineral County Museum as overseer of the facility and operations, until a interviews are done and hiring has been completed to fill the open position. Hamrey stated that he agreed to this, and is planning to use a quality, retired interim volunteer to assist. The public works department has five or six applications pending interviews for the Museum Conservator position. A joint interview meeting will be scheduled.


Commissioner Hegg addressed that a public safety contingency fund be considered for the upcoming budget or future contemplation so a net proceed fund was available as a result of declining revenue of tax on minerals, to stabilize the local operations in case of a natural disaster, and allow for extraordinary or maintenance funding in the case of unforeseen damages. Commissioners stated the general fund cover these situations for now, on an at-need basis, although further discussion may be helpful.


Commissioner Hegg addressed his personal concerns regarding being on the Mineral County Economic Development Board, stating that it is said to be a non-profit entity, but due to observing internal issues and in his view the Open Meeting Laws were being violated. Hegg did not want to remain attending or to be in association with that particular board. Commissioner Tipton stated that she heads up the CAHS non-profit group without incident. District Attorney Rowe stated the economic development to be a “quazi-non-profit” as there had been history with the county within the structure of this organization. Commissioners requested the tie-in with the organization and required county participation be reviewed. District Attorney Rowe approved Commissioner Hegg’s request for withdraw from this board until further information can be obtained and confirmed. Commissioner Hegg stated that the economic development board had been turned into the attorney general’s office for review.


Commissioner Hegg expressed concerns about the current business standards and procedures not having an easier consideration for the beginning business owners within Mineral County. Commissioner Hegg requested that a possible organization sheet of redirection be presented to new, inquiring businesses with a process or check list of key requirements, facts and contact information. Line items could be signed off easily and a new business would avoid unknown contacts or setbacks which cause frustration and some new business owners to give up. Further discussion was agreed.


Damage from the December earthquakes that affected the YCAC gym was discussed with Parks and Recreation Director Barbara Owens on hand. An engineer was called out to extensively review all damage, as well as fractures that showed up on the first and second floors of the Hawthorne Fire Station and the Walker Lake Fire Station. Fire Chief T.C. Knight was on hand to explain that the damage had occurred in his absence, but it had been reported to public works. He also stated that the Walker Lake building may have been a construction issue, but couldn’t confirm damage as no proof of prior building cracks had ever been noted. Commissioners discussed photo journaling the buildings to avoid a future confusion on damage issues and to assist with defining wind damage or earthquake, structural defects. An insurance claim was discussed, as an adjustor is currently involved. Commissioner Price expressed never hearing of the fire station damage prior. Owens and others stated they will follow the progress on determination of repairs and condition for occupying the YCAC building again.


Commissioner Price received an email request from Walker Lake resident, Steven Arbuckle relative to beginning the Walker Lake Advisory Board again. Discussion was that a quorum of interested residents would have to be agreed upon, submitting letters of interest to the commissioners for acceptance.


A first reading amending Mineral County Code Chapter 5.20 for Solicitors, Peddlers and Traveling Merchants business licenses was considered without discussion. Final reading to follow.


A 10 a.m. hearing relative to the adoption of Ordinance 242A Bill 258 amending the Mineral County Code of 13.16.030 regarding payment of bills was adopted . This will be effective July 1, 2017 and removed the ten percent water discount with rate changes. This was strictly a wording issue adjusting the sub sections of the ordnance in a required time. Ana Fitzgerald expressed that customers were welcomed to discuss any concerns or questions regarding this change.


At 10: 30 a.m. Mark Nixon of the Regional Planning Commission presented a zoning change for Jesus Morales, from C1 to and R2 zoning, at 215 E Street in Hawthorne. Board supported and approved. Discussion about recording procedures and possibly having another documented tracking system was brought before Hoferer for future review. Currently the department only records the change.


Mike Fontaine, Building Inspector, was brought in to discuss the outcome of previously purchased auction property from the Mineral County Tax Sale held April 2016. Commissioner Tipton reviewed that auction properties have a signed agreement to fix the property and comply with the improvement of the property within six months of purchase. Properties discussed had incomplete outcomes reviewed; seven non-conforming lots were discussed and four of those were subject to further legal action.


For action in the nuisance complaint at 929 Spencer, of pigeons entering an abandoned residence through a roof hole, Fontaine confirmed that the roof had been repaired so the pigeon issue was dealt with, but owner is currently in Alaska working; owner plans to renovate property once he returns.


Two public hearings regarding amending Mineral County Title 17 were canceled. Subject went back to the planning commission for review.