Sheri Samson
Last Thursday’s wind storm tore the roof off an empty building at Walker Lake.

On Feb. 9 around 1:30 p.m., a call went out that a metal roof had peeled off an empty block wall commercial building, located on the frontage road along Highway 95, with trusses and aluminum pieces flying in a circle over 200 feet in the air before landing along the cliff and above, along Betty Jane Drive. Described by local residents as a strong whirlwind or quick twister, the force affected five power poles with two poles down, leaving at least 25 residents without power.

The day had already experienced high winds and road closures. Walker Lake Fire Chief, Adam Greenfield, responded to the neighborhood, blocking off Betty Jane and setting up a safety perimeter.

Greenfield reported at 3:30 p.m. that no physical injuries had been reported and NVEnergy had no specific time frame of completion. He also stated that three structures sustained minor damage.

The following day Donna Glazier met with Mike Fontaine, Building Inspector for Mineral County, to assist her out-of-area clients in assessing the damage to the building and to properly secure. Greenfield also did a safety review, posting signage regarding dangers upon entering, especially as the heavy steel garage.

On Saturday a community group of residents came together with tools and a trailer to load up the roofing debris within the north end of the Betty Jane Drive area. Concerned about the possibility of more stormy winds, the volunteer residents also attempted to pull down more debris off the steep cliff area to avoid any further damage.

At present time, volunteers are attempting a completion of cleanup once a county bin is secured for disposal.