Heidi Bunch
Mineral County Deputy Clerk Bonnie DeMars feeds ballots through the machine during the recount of independent presidential candidate Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente.

Mineral County Clerk and election workers found themselves recounting votes on Dec. 6 after independent presidential candidate Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente requested the recount stating he is “seeking to ensure the integrity of the system.”

The two precincts in Mineral County that were chosen by De La Fuente were Precinct 11 and 12 (Walker Lake and Schurz). Unfortunately for De La Fuente, both precincts chose none of the above over De La Fuente.

If this sample recount shows more than a one-percent discrepancy in either De La Fuente or for Hillary Clinton, a full statewide recount will be issued. According to the Associated Press, Clinton defeated President-elect Donald Trump in Nevada by 27,202 votes, out of the 1.1 million that were cast on Nov. 8.

Ballots are being examined that were cast in 84 precincts in and around Las Vegas, and should be done by Friday. Only eight other precincts in four Nevada counties are being reviewed.

Mineral County was able to recount their ballots in under an hour.

The cost of the recount was $14,000 and was paid for by De La Fuente which he called, “a counterbalance to the review sought by Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.” It is unknown who will pay for a full recount if the numbers do not jive.

De La Fuente was a candidate in this year’s presidential election, representing his self-created American Delta Party and the Reform Party. His presidential campaign, according to his website is “focused on exposing the corruption of our political system and restoring integrity to our Democracy.”

Mineral County Clerk Chris Nepper told the Independent-News that the recount went “well and as expected.”

The results were forwarded onto the Nevada Secretary of State Office in Carson City.