Mineral County School District saw a decrease in their high school graduation rate along with Churchill, Douglas and Humboldt counties whereas other’s having seen an improvement.

According to the Nevada Department of Education and the Associated Press, state officials are claiming that Nevada’s public high schools have seen an almost three percent is in graduation.

The Nevada Department of Education claims that the rate for the graduating class of 2016 was 73.6 percent, up from 70.8 percent for 2015.

Nevada has one of the worst graduation rates in the country, only beat out for last place by New Mexico and the District of Columbia, last year.

The state superintendent stated, “Nevada is on the track to become the fastest-improving state. While the statewide average continues to trend up there is significant work to do to ensure that all Nevada students are college and career ready,” said Steve Canavero, Nevada State Superintendent. “The gaps in our graduation rate between groups of students are a call to action. For too many of our students the likelihood of graduation is a 50-50 proposition. That is unacceptable.”

Nevada State Public charter school and nine other school districts saw an improvement in their graduation rates. Those included Storey County, Lincoln County and SPCSA which increased by more than nine percent, whereas Carson City, Lyon County, Lander County and Elko County saw an increase between five and seven percent. Clark County School District saw a slight increase of 2.8 percent whereas White Pine County and Washoe County saw less than a two percent rise.