Sheri Samson - Hawthorne resident Pam Jensen has re-created the legendary ‘Cecil the Serpent’ in the front yard of her home.

Sheri Samson – Hawthorne resident Pam Jensen has re-created the legendary ‘Cecil the Serpent’ in the front yard of her home.

It is difficult to resist the legendary Walker Lake sea monster named Cecil, whose large mythical image has been reproduced for local parades, floated in the Liars Boat Races years ago and now resides in the front yard of Hawthorne resident, Pam Jensen.

Sitting in a small pool, Cecil can be seen with a comical smile on his face while comfortably taking in the last of the fall sunshine. A full-sized grandpa character stands nearby with his fishing pole extended as he tries to coax Cecil out of the pool with a grasshopper bobbing on the hook. Neighborhood kids can be heard yelling out to Cecil while waving their hands out the car window, which gives Jensen a smile of satisfaction.

Cecil’s height in his sitting position measures close to five feet tall and his girth is larger than anyone could hug. He is primarily created by outdoor, green mesh and formed by an intricate caging deep inside. His face was modeled after a custom T-shirt of Cecil, which was originally drawn by local artist Gary Funk years ago.

“I decided I wanted to build a Cecil and add him to the yard display with a bit of a story line. I had always kept the t-shirt version of Cecil so I could adapt his face into a similar look. He reminds me so much of a storybook character,” Jensen shared.

As an avid yard lover, Jensen wanted to move her crafts out of her home and into a larger arena. In moving her talents into the outdoors, she combined her ability of portraying handmade crafts with working in durable fabrics that created her ideas into a life-sized reality.

Jensen is known for her full-sized, action characters being positioned in her yard all year round. Using props, doll building talents and a hint of puppetry, her creations continue to amaze the community as she introduces new ideas for others to enjoy.

Never limited to a once a year Christmas display of characters, part of Jensen’s intrigue is developing new scenes and peculiar personalities that depict a moment which any passerby can reflect on.

As the end of the year winds into the next three major holidays, Jensen is sure to continue offering a yard that will create smiles for all the area residents and children to enjoy.