On Thursday, Aug. 4, a person of interest came forward in the alleged illegal attempted traffic stop on Mt. Rose Highway the previous day.

That afternoon, members of the Nevada Highway Patrol contacted, and thoroughly interviewed the person of interest in the above mentioned incident.

Nevada Highway Patrol and local law enforcement agencies urge the public to used discretion, however, if a vehicle behind them is exhibiting or displaying white flashing lights only, that the vehicle may not be a legitimate emergency vehicle. Yielding to vehicle displaying ONLY white flashing lights is not required by Nevada law.

If the public finds themselves in a situation where a vehicle displaying only white flashing lights is behind you, do not pull to the right shoulder as you would a normal traffic stop. Drivers in this situation are urged to call 911 and inquire whether the stop is legitimate in nature prior to pulling over. Reporting parties will be asked for location, direction of travel, vehicle type/color and a license plate description of the suspect vehicle if

Individuals using flashing white lights in an attempt to move or redirect traffic in front of them (impersonating what the public would assume is an official emergency vehicle) and cause a crash resulting in property damage, injury, or death, will be pursued and cited under police impersonation, which is a gross misdemeanor.
Nevada Highway Patrol and other local agencies are looking into future legislation which would make the use of strobing white lights illegal during operation of a non-emergency motor vehicle on a public highway.
Nevada Highway Patrol will continue to investigate these incidents. Anyone who witness’s a vehicle operating white strobe lights in an attempt to affect traffic is encouraged to reach out to us at (775) 688-2500.