Nita Mayo

Hawthorne resident Nita Mayo went missing in 2005.

Unfortunately for the family of Nita Mayo, the remains found in California do not belong to the 67-year-old Hawthorne nurse that went missing in 2005.

Mayo’s children were given the news from Tuolumne County sheriff’s investigators who confirmed that dental records did not match those of remains found. Dental records also did not match those of Patty Tolhurst, who vanished two years ago. Both Mayo and Tolhurst’s vehicles had been found at Donnell’s Vista Point overlook, abandoned.

As for the remains, the identity could take weeks if not longer, to get a positive identification of whom was found near Pinecrest, Calif.

As for residents of Mineral County who have vigilantly sat in wonder, they again, ask the question, “What happened to Nita Mayo?”