In recent years nature has been restless in and around Nevada; there has been swarms of earthquakes rattling the western portion of the State and immediately adjacent to Mineral County, the increases threat of flash flooding, and the ravishing wildland fires throughout the state as well as throughout our western neighboring states. All of these emergency events have demonstrated to us all that Mineral County can be vulnerable to disasters, including earthquakes, floods and wildland fires. The risks posed by these hazards will continue to increase as the county’s population continues to grow.

The Mineral County Local Emergency Planning Committee, in conjunction with the Nevada Department of Public Safety, have launched a planning effort, known as the Hazard Mitigation Plan, to assess risks posed by natural disasters and identify ways to reduce those risks. This plan is required under the Federal Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 as a pre-requisite for receiving certain forms of Federal disaster assistance.

Mineral County began this planning process in October 2010, and the time has come to review and update these plans. The county anticipates submittal of the draft plan, with updates, to the Board of county commissioners for adoption toward the end of 2016.

Public comments and participation is welcomed. For additional information, request to participate, or to submit comments, please contact Chief T.C. Knight, Mineral County Fire Department or Patrick Hughes, Mineral County Emergency Manager at 775-945-2497 or mail to