May12 New Commander

Lt. Col. Scott Bishop (left) recently received a command overview briefing by current commander Lt. Col. Gregory Gibbons (right). Bishop will take over the position next month.

Lt. Col. Scott Bishop, who will be the new commander of the Hawthorne Army Depot upon assumption of command in June, visited the installation recently to become acquainted with the mission, operations and personnel.

His introduction began with a command overview briefing provided by the current commander, Lt. Col. Gregory Gibbons, and introductions to the tenant and contractor leadership.

The visit progressed to Cat Creek Dam and the Black Beauty overlook displaying Walker Lake, the Western Area Demilitarization Facility and the town surrounded on three sides by depot storage sites.

Gibbons and Bishop met with Walker River Paiute Tribal Chairman Bobby Sanchez and other tribal leaders to discuss the memorandums of agreement in place between HWAD and WRPT. Additionally, they discussed expansion of the Armament Retooling and Manufacturing Support program and the opportunities it can bring the depot, the tribe and the community.

After lunch, Director of Ammo Operations Robert Wayne provided a briefing of quality assurance operations and surveillance activities.

The incoming commander was then given a tour of the Western Area Demilitarization Facility, where he was shown how munitions progress through several buildings to accomplish various stages of demilitarization, and when possible, explosives and inert materials are reutilized and recycled.

Bishop said that he was excited about the prospect of his command here. He stated, “Operations are more complex than I thought and operated by a great group of professionals. I look forward to learning all there is to know about the demil process from the team.”