walker lake

An employee of the Hawthorne Ammunition Depot found a sunken racing boat while patrolling the Walker Lake waters recently.

With the receding waters of Walker Lake, many treasures are being uncovered and exposed from their original resting place.

John Peterson, of Hawthorne Ammunition Depot, found a long lost boat while patrolling the shores of Walker Lake. In contacting the Independent-News, Peterson hopes to also find the story of this abandoned boat.

During the period that Enduro boat racing was popular on Walker Lake, this white and red Enduro boat met its match and sunk to the bottom of the lake.

Long time residents may remember the story of how and why this happened and the Independent-News and Peterson would both like to hear your recollections.

You may call the Independent-News at 775-945-2414 or Peterson at 775-316-1510. A follow-up to this sunken ship will be printed after stories are complied.