Sheri Samson MCSD grant manager Shelly Lovitt.

Sheri Samson
MCSD grant manager Shelly Lovitt.

To begin a career path, sometimes it’s best to travel down many avenues to find your niche, which is exactly what Shelly Lovitt did. Starting out as a pre-school teacher in a private school in Stafford, TX., she experienced teaching kindergarten and first graders. Lovitt’s mother was a teacher and principal within the Missouri public school system for over 50 years, so teaching seemed like a familiar career fit.

“After teaching, I moved on to owning businesses which ranged from a floral shop to salvage freight, but my heart wanted to make a difference in this world. I landed a job working with non-profits which allowed me to write grants, learn fundraising and pursue creative funding.”

It was that expertise which landed her a position with the Mineral County School District as the grants manager. Also with the new relationship to Great Basin College’s interactive courses, she acts as their site coordinator located in the same building. These classes are open to the public and launch in January, with current signups ongoing at the district office.

Over two years ago Lovitt met her husband. As single parents, their daughters had become best friends so their relationship developed from there. Between the two of them there are seven adult kids.

“As newlyweds we moved here. Michael was tired of driving trucks and he had a sister in Hawthorne. He got a job at SOC, and I was hired over the phone to work at the clinic for Dr. Ruch.”

Through her employment at the medical clinic, Lovitt was able to get her certificate as a medical assistant, but still longed to be connected to a position that could involve her roots in education.

“Living in such a remote area, it’s a daily challenge to meet the specifications of the grants and yet our school system desperately needs funds. I enjoy matching grants with research and locating programs that are sustainable within our demographic network – but it’s not easy.”

Lovitt feels that every child deserves the right to a quality education, so her efforts can help grow that desire. With two of her own sons teaching, a daughter just graduating with a business degree and another son which is attending welding school, Lovitt sees the benefit of education broadening into skills as well as book learning.

“With continuing education, many adults can expand their skills while earning certificates, as well as move up their pay scale. It’s never too late to take a class. Look at me – I’m now working in a job that is using the skills I received years ago. That should inspire anyone to expand their abilities.”

Lovitt is also a consultant with Mary and Martha, selling a variety of unique home and personal items through presentations. She looks forward to contributing in a positive way within the community, as well as seeing the area grow more prosperous in resources and education. Lovitt enjoys networking with new people and seeing the positive accomplishments that can be done.