County Commissioners approved a new lease for the Hawthorne Centennial Speedway on Nov. 18.

County Commissioners approved a new lease for the Hawthorne Centennial Speedway on Nov. 18.

The Hawthorne Speedway Racetrack may see new life as the Mineral County Board of County Commissioners approved a new lease on Nov. 18.

Mineral County District Attorney Sean Rowe explained that the airport board recommended that the commissioners enter into an agreement with Scott Moderson who is interested in the property.

Rowe stated that Moderson has come forth to the board and would like to reopen the track on an economic impact theory to Mineral County.

The racetrack land cannot be sold per the reversionary clauses set forth with the county. The lease will be on 120 plus acres that is included with that parcel.

Larry Grant, representative from the Mineral County Airport Advisory Board, explained that the cost of cleaning up the property should offset the lease amount for ten years.

The cleaning up of the tires, bleachers and getting functioning bathrooms was discussed.

Rowe explained that the lease on the property should be $1 a year. Any fixed personal property would revert to Mineral County if Moderson decides to vacate the property.

Moderson explained that neighboring communities have asked that he reopen the track. Other events such as motorcross and any other racing would be welcome at the track.

Commissioner Cliff Cichowlaz explained what the appraisal amount was so that he would come up a fair lease amount. Cichowlaz would like them to establish a rent amount on what the cost of the taxes would be on that property. The number that Cichowlaz formulated was $1,000 a year.

Any improvements, salaries or money that Moderson puts into the land, he can use to offset the $1,000 a year.

“It is a wise use of county land,” Commissioner Jerrie Tipton said.

“If he can’t fulfill his part of the agreement, we [the commissioners] will take the land back,” Cichowlaz said and Moderson agreed.

Shelley Hartmann explained that there is a lot of interest in this property.

Cichowlaz explained that he has done much analysis on that property and it is all about the racers.

In order to terminate the lease, a notice in writing should be given 30-days prior.

Moderson would like support on grant issues.

Cichowlaz explained that the support is by giving him the lease.

Moderson will be required to keep a $1 million liability insurance policy on the property.

The commissioners voted in favor of Moderson leasing the old Hawthorne Speedway property for the amount of $1,000 a year.