Sheri Samson Marty and Earlene Iacovelli will open their new business, Treasure Box, on Friday at 1120 5th Street.

Sheri Samson
Marty and Earlene Iacovelli will open their new business, Treasure Box, on Friday at 1120 5th Street.

Some may know the Iacovelli’s as the “the yard couple” from their landscaping business and yet Marty and Earlene have many talents and hobbies to tap into. As the summer months wither into wintery landscapes, so do outside jobs, so this couple has taken on a winter approach to employment. On Friday, Nov. 13, they will open a new shop at 1120 5th Street called Treasure Box.

As pickers, collectors and rock hounds for over 19 years, this couple has gathered select pieces of Depression glass; Fenton pieces; collectable clocks; brewery signage; collectable memorabilia; tasteful handmade art and specialty rock pieces. A large hutch houses many one-of-a-kind, artistic display items which would make unique gifts. With Christmas around the corner, this couple is hoping they can assist residents and visitors with some special holiday gift giving. As entrepreneurs, both agreed that their full wall of bar décor will surely bring in any “man-cave” buyer.

Residents have most likely watched as the Iacovelli’s expanded their highly visual lot into a lovely, pistachio colored building and commercial location which displays a mini locomotive that was handmade with oil cans and ingenuity. It is worth a visit, just to meet them and take a closer look at the variety of items they’ve gathered to create this local gift stop. As creative as their collections, this couple has worked together in providing an off-season variation to their normal gardening schedules.

“We look forward to meeting more people and exchanging our interest in collecting. In the past, our outdoor work rarely gave us time to visit with anyone. The idea that we can continue working together in our own shop is a new venture which we’ve been planning for many years. We have years of items to bring in to help collectors fill their own spots. ”

The Lacovelli’s are available from 9 a.m. to dark at this new location, while maintaining flexible days.

“We still are completing a few outdoor jobs, but are weening into this gift shop which will keep us out of the rain and in a warm building through the winter months. We are happy to be this close to a grand opening and invite the public to stop by and meet us.”