Ben Miller

Ben Miller

Ben Miller of Walker Lake believes in the Second Amendment, his family and his country. Settling into Walker Lake in 1985, Miller considers himself very patriotic and claims that because of Mineral County’s patriotism he chose to make this his home.

In light of recent events in the news, Miller has voiced his opinion regarding gun control.

“We need more good guys. There are radical people within the human society. The ten percent crowd. They will always be there, no matter what you do. Some [bad guys] reach the end and snap. We are not perfect.”

Taught gun control by his uncle who was a gun safety instructor, Miller said, “He put the whoopin’ on me. Taught me the right way [to handle a gun].”

He believes that video games play a part in violence with guns.

“When you hide them [guns], kids get curious and want to play with them. Teach children to respect guns.”

In regards to the news and gun control, he thinks that some take the news as gospel and that a lot is omitted.

“There are millions of gun owners that cause no problems. A gun is for self and family protection. In some cases, needed to help others.”

“The school shooting in Oregon, yes it’s horrible, but think of those who go to school each day and aren’t shot. 20 school shootings versus 300,000 million children who go to school safely each day. I don’t feel that we need more gun laws. We have enough. We don’t need harder ones.”

He feels that Mineral County needs to talk about guns and gun safety. Have a town hall meeting. Educate people.

“We need the cops to talk to people. We have a lot of ex-military here in Mineral County. If we educate children in school, we will save a lot.”

Miller understands that his beliefs will not be agreed upon by everyone. “These are just my beliefs. I know what worked with my family (two daughters and one son). I’m old fashioned and was probably born too late. I went into the Marine Corps after being a juvenile delinquent. I’m a survivor. Always have been. Whatever the world throws at me, I’ll make it.”

His time in the Marine Corps made Miller realize that the leader of our country should have some military experience.

“If the leader of our country is going to make decisions about guns or war, he should have a gut instinct about the situation.”

On the topic of military, he reflects on his time in boot camp with the Marine Corps, “During our 13-week nightmare – they [drill sergeants] wanted us to break down in boot camp. Not overseas. It is not like that today.”

In conclusion, Miller says, “Look at the city of Chicago. They have stronger gun laws but worse crime. Education works.”