Robert Schultz

Robert Schultz

There is one resident that is welcoming the fall football season with open arms. This is because his National Football League team from Wisconsin gears up for another exciting year of broadcasting his favorite games. As a shareholder of the Green Bay Packers, Robert Schultz never misses a game. His birth roots started Oct. 20, 1928 with the branding of being a Wisconsin “Cheese Head,” which came with a lifelong dedication to his beloved Packers.

“It was the best Christmas gift I ever got from my wife and the certificate hangs on my wall today. That proves that I am forever a shareholder of the Green Bay Packers and it gives me great bragging rights.”

Without his knowledge, his wife had secretly found that one fundraising method the Packers team used was selling off ownership shares. It was done in small incremental amounts such as $200, which came with a certificate and full documentation. That particular year the shares were offered to fund the glass-lined executive suite boxes located at Lambeau Field, in Green Bay.

His wife, Jan, explained that the opportunity to purchase shares is limited in not only the buying amount, but also the time frames they are available. The Green Bay Packers only offer these shares when a specific project is underway. To her knowledge, they are the only NFL team that offers shares to their fan base. She found that being a small time investor has its privileges and brings good memories.

The Schultz’s traveled to Lambeau Field three times to attend a shareholders meeting. With over 300,000 shareholders involved in this form of investing on behalf of this winning team, the Packers host an annual shareholder meeting. It is there that the team representatives explain the full disclosure of their funds, their team details and player decisions that are being made. Attendees can ask questions and participate in the importance of the team, so the shareholders love it. Each year a variety of shareholders come to fill the stadium seats with their devotion and interest toward every detail.

The Lambeau Field location was built in 1957 as a city stadium, but now it is known as the smallest city with the third largest seating capacity in the NFL. The fans fill home games with 80,735 seats of committed football fanatics. Schultz has already cleared his schedule on Thanksgiving Day to watch his Packers hit their rival team, the Chicago Bears. He enjoys the jokes about the Bears, while sharing his own love of altering team names to suit his Green Bay Packer support. “I know that Seattle loves their Sea-chickens and Chicago has to grin-and-bear-it with their team, but my Green Bay Packers show up to play the game.”

As a former Rotary member in Moapa Valley, Schultz will be traveling to Overton this month to assist his wife in cooking a free breakfast outreach for 800 Boy Scouts who are coming for a scouting jamboree. “We’ve been involved in the Rotary Club so long, they still call us to come over and help. It’s great to join up with old friends while volunteering with their community. ” Schultz is looking forward to a busy fall season as his 87th birthday is around the corner, along with many team wins.