The Mineral County Commissioners heard six nuisance complaints on Oct. 7 after they were filed for parcels in Mina, Hawthorne and Luning.

The first complaint was brought forth by Barbara Owens on Hawthorne parcel 001-164-01 owned by Sharon and Chris Ruch. Building inspector Mike Fontaine, along with two other county employees, found the property to be in an unstable condition. The back wall of the property is leaning out towards the alley, structural members have been removed, part of the home had been demolished and asbestos tile is showing.

Recommendation that the house needs to be removed. Fontaine had NV Energy remove the power boxes from both properties. Commissioner Jerrie Tipton made a motion to find that the property be declared a nuisance per the finding of the county employees’ recommendations and that the property owner be notified. Tipton would like to know what the owners are going to do to mitigate the problem.

Immediately following, a complaint by John Chappelear regarding Mina parcel 03-057-04 was heard by the commissioners. Fontaine stated that the nuisance stated there was “junk on the property”. After going to the site, Fontaine did not view the “junk” as such, rather as materials in storage.

Fontaine said, “What is one man’s material’s may be another man’s junk.”

The material were found to be materials stored on the man’s land. Fontaine stated that if the materials were bleeding onto another person’s property, it is then a civil issue as it is trespassing and not a nuisance issue.

Chappelear explained the property boundaries and legal owners of the nuisance property. Fontaine could not determine that a nuisance was to be found in accordance with Mineral County ordinances.

Dorothy Fortenberry met with the commissioners and was told that the nuisance complaint, which resided at Hawthorne parcel 001-201-01 was handled by the Mineral County Sheriff’s Office. Fortenberry thanked the commissioners for helping her abate the nuisance.

A nuisance complaint against parcel 002-016-01 in Luning was filed by John and Darlene Wilkerson. Fontaine spoke with Dennis Blazewick, property owner, and that the materials which were put onto his land had been taken care of. The Wilkerson’s agreed that the nuisance had been abated.

Nuisance complaint abatement on parcel 001-035-01 filed by Ruby Hume, Kendall Harris and Victory Garden Club filed against the old motel across from McDonald’s was abated. The windows and entrances have been boarded over so that no one can get into the building.

The final nuisance ordinance heard by the commissioners was by Debra Kimsey on nuisance complaint on parcel 001-025-07. The complaint written out was that when Kimsey goes into her backyard, the neighboring dog barks at her the whole time she is in her yard. She is also concerned about the dog’s is being chained up and the older vehicles in the backyard.

Fontaine explained that he has been getting many calls regarding animal issues and he advises those making complaints to contact animal control. The response, per Fontaine, is that animal control is not doing anything regarding the issues presented to them.

Tipton made a motion to have the sheriff direct animal control to visit 924 Arb Street for an animal nuisance. After that nuisance is eliminated, the commissioners will then address the other items.

Mineral County residents can file their nuisance complaints with the clerk’s office in order be heard in front of the county commissioners.