6Successful food truck owners, Chris and Dede Hegg, of Pepper’s Place have taken a popular sauce used on everything from burgers to fries and turned it into a “Made In Nevada” product.

The recipe taken from Dede’s grandmother, a simple chicken-base stock, sparked an idea with Chris after the grandmother lived with the couple.

The recipe for the base is 100 years old. With a few tweaks and tests, Hogg Heaven sauce was born.

Understanding the importance of keeping Nevada businesses thriving, the Hegg’s have contracted with both a label company and bottling facility that is based in Nevada.

“We are a part of the “Made In Nevada” and “Nevada Made” organizations and right now we are dealing with an international export assistance group to get our sauce into other countries,” Chris explains.

Hogg Heaven will be available in the Made In Nevada store along with a few local wineries and bed and breakfast locations who use the products to make baskets.

Dede is comfortable with her husband using her family recipe to make a barbeque sauce. “I think it is awesome and the family seems to love it.”

Hogg Heaven is their first sauce to be bottled; following on the footsteps is Hogg Hell and Hogg Wild along with a shake that is used daily in the Pepper’s Place truck.

“My dad was super excited about the sauce, but he was unable to taste it [or see the progress] as he passed away before we got this far,” Dede said. “I had everything ready to send out to him and he passed before we were able to mail it to him.”

Besides Pepper’s Place and the barbeque sauce, the Hegg’s are thinking of expanding Pepper’s Place. Though they will not say what their plans are for Pepper’s…they did say that they are expanding and will still have the food truck for events.

Both entrepreneurs, the Hegg’s are excited to see where this new adventure takes them and where they end up at.