3The Walker Lake Volunteer Firefighters tackled a “clean-out-the-clutter” job, only to recover a treasured piece that was long ago forgotten. This dusty, 1970 tribute piece was found amongst other unusual items at the Walker Lake station.

With well-known names and photographs shown on the trophy board, these Walker Lake “founding fathers” had been honored at some point for their fire department involvement.

These are some of the dedicated men that once dictated developmental strides within the Walker Lake community. While some recognized this priceless object as part of the fire station’s history, many of the younger volunteers dismissed the aging black and white photos, while ignoring the surnames.

Pictured in this 45 year old artifact, reading left to right are; Boyd J. Dean Owen, E.T. Hefty Sanderson (Sheriff in the late 50’s early 60’s), Jack Roark (well-known boatrRacer) on top; Wilfred Mallet and Henry Ducket on either side of the medal; along the bottom row Boyd Jensen and J.D. Boyd. With subdivisions still named as Mallet and Boyd Estates, others were well-known business men within Mineral County. A lonely, concrete memorial still stands down toward the lake to honor Jack Roark, the one-time award winning boat racer who operated The Cliff House.

Now, these photographs can represent something special to the historical value of this small lake town.

One volunteer who currently lives in a Roark home stated, “I’ve always wondered what the guy looked like.”

This plaque will find a special place in the fire station’s meeting room, as a remembrance to Walker Lakes finest. As for others doing building clean-ups, in and around Mineral County, make sure a historian is nearby to verify that the items you may think invaluable, are not the next best find for this county to hold onto.