4When you are born in Hot Springs, Ark. and your father is a minister, you have to know that your gospel singing roots will be at the foundation of your musical talents.

C.J. Martin is a local vocalist that is organizing a musical production company called Right Now Productions.

“I started singing at age five, learning what we identify as “call and response” which enters a congregation into free style singing.”

He was also a pastor of a local church, leading worship songs and preaching. Renditions of church singing is what carried Martin’s vocals into classic soul songs, with his Motown falsetto notes and the replication of ballad tunes made famous by the likes of Marvin Gaye and the Stylistics.

Martin has been referred to as a dad-type-leader, as he knows how to direct a band into the beat he wants and get the level of sound he wants. As he recently performed, using taped music at Joe’s Tavern, his ability to transition into county music was as smooth as the lyrics he expressed.

His daughter, Brandee Martin-Aulet joined him on stage for a few numbers which was evidence that talent can be inherited.

“My daughter started singing early in life like I did. Her style of music is not with the classics, but she tolerates my choices. I think she would rather be singing hip-hop music, as she’s fond of the stronger beats than I am.”

Martin will be performing locally on Aug. 1, at 8:30 p.m. in the Hawthorne Convention Center, along with more than ten other advertised talents, at the Acoustic Summer Night Concert.