4Hawthorne Elementary School third grade students in Miss West and Mrs. Schumann’s classes visited the Mineral County Care and Share on Wednesday, Feb. 11, for a service oriented project.

Students prepared home-made valentines and pizzelle cookies for the seniors based on their learning during a mini-gerentology unit. Third graders learned about building positive relations with older adults in their community and the purpose of giving back to your community in a positive manner.

The students were grateful for the trip and have written reflective findings about their positive experience.

Ms. Schumann Class

When we visited the Care and Share, there were many people there. I felt very happy and I was lucky to see my grandma. I heard people saying, “Thank you very much for the valentines.” I wore a dress, leggings and flats. I wanted to look my best. My favorite part of being there was being able to meet the seniors and give them valentines. Meeting Lynn, a WWII Veteran, was also a treat. He was a nice man who was social. I hope we made their day, because I know they made ours.

Danni Stiles

When we visited the Care and Share we handed out valentines and goodie bags with two cookies in them. The cookies were pizzelles and some were vanilla and some were chocolate. Each third grade class made the valentines using art supplies like doilies, ribbon, construction paper and sticky hearts. We enjoyed doing something so we could give back to the senior citizens in our community. It was an honor to meet, Lynn, a WWII Veteran. He served our country and is a fine man.

Jadan Brown

During our trip to the Care and Share, I helped hand out valentines and met several friendly seniors. It was especially worthwhile because a kind man named Lynn sat with us. He wore a WWII Veteran baseball cap and went on the Honor Flight for Nevada. His son shares my name too. Meeting him was the highlight of my trip.

Martin Waggoner

On our trip to the Care and Share, it made me feel good. I loved handing out the cookies and getting to meet the local senior citizens. One gentleman at my table was really cool. He had a tattoo. It was just fun to see their faces be so happy. It made me feel sad when we had to go. But then what made my day was when Mr. Benscooter came to our classroom and thanked us. He also told us to come again. That made my day too.

Triston Jones

The awesomest thing about the Care and Share was that we got to make new friends. They gave us grapes and candy. I met a man named Lynn. He was nice and interesting to talk to about WWII. Martin, Wyatt, Jadan, DeVayne and I all met him when we sat down at his table. Shaylee’s Dad, Mr. Gavin, was also there for a Soroptimist Club meeting. Later, Wyatt’s grandpa, Dan showed up. I think we made their day by bringing the seniors valentines. After we returned to school we played Bingo and it was almost time to go home.

Noah Thom

When we went on our field trip to the Care and Share it was a blast. We talked to people when we gave them their valentines and cookies. Then, we had a chance to sit and visit with them. We went outside and exercised before we got on the bus. Lynn was a special guy we met who served in World War II. He was very pleasant and full of information for us to learn. It was nice to do something for others in our town.

DeVayne Isom

When we visited the Care and Share, the people were happy and they loved our treats. It made me feel happy when I saw them smile. I really want to go there again because I liked the people I sat by and it was a really great time. Triston was my partner and we were together so that was nice too. I saw my dad because he was there for the Soroptomist Club luncheon. Wyatt saw his grandpa and Triston and I talked with the people. One thing I forgot to do was to ask the seniors their names but my teacher knew their names. They were Evan and Marlin Ford. We had the perfect four-seater table and the perfect company. I enjoy volunteering and hope to go back again.

Shaylee Gavin

When I visited the Care and Share I was lucky to be able to pass out gifts with my class and Miss West’s class. We passed out chocolate and vanilla pizzelle cookies which originated in Tuscany, Italy. You make them with a cookie press. I enjoyed meeting new people and helping out the local senior citizens. They are nice, appreciative and entertaining.

Kellan Arends

I was so excited to visit the Care and Share that I couldn’t stand it. I wore my suit trousers and dress shirt. My mom fixed my hair so cool too. We gave the citizens valentines, a goodie bag with cookies, and had a nice ride on the school bus. It was a super duper day!

Jacob Franklin

When our classes visited the Care and Share we had a fun experience. The best thing was meeting Lynn, who served in World War II. He is a real hero who lives in Hawthorne and who’s been on the Honor Flight. I’m interested in World War II and history. I’m happy so many people showed up and that the school let us go do something special for our town.

Jaevaun Jones

When we visited the Care and Share it was an honor to go there. I smiled when I saw so many people there eating lunch and thanking us for our surprise. There were many wonderful people there who talked to us and told us about their lives. Lynn, was there and he’s a WWII Veteran. It was a great time. I want to go back again!

Cade Torres

When we visited the Care and Share we arrived and stood at the door greeting people with valentines and cookies. We shared a conversation with a WWII Veteran named Lynn. He told us he was a soldier and in the middle of the war they switched him to a tank driver. Everyone was really happy to hand out valentines and to receive valentines. I think we should go back and do another community service project. We need to play our game of Bingo with the seniors.

Wyatt Moss

I learned that going to the Care and Share is a nice thing to do. I also learned that when you are there you can do many things: eat, visit, play games, attend meetings and participate in activities. I was able to visit with some of my church friends. Many of them are also my grandma’s friends so I was able to tell her about that too. The Care and Share is a busy place and a place I enjoyed going to so I could personally deliver valentines to the senior citizens of Hawthorne.

Shannon Straw

Mrs. West Class

When I went to the Care and Share I had a good time.  I learned to read prices.  Then my class got a lot of grapes.  We passed cookies that tasted like waffles and Valentine cards.  We give everyone another one.  We went outside and stretched for a while then we went back to school.

Alfred Bandoni

I had a lot of fun.  We passed out a lot of cookies too.  We got to sit with the senior citizens while they ate lunch.  Then we went home on the bus.

Ivan Lang

I saw my grandma.  I passed out Valentines on February 11th at the Care and Share.  It was fun there.

Juniper Shaw

I didn’t go to the care and Share.  I think it would have been fun because I think they could have danced.  I think it would have been fun to talk with the elders and would have seen my grandpa.  He saw all the third graders there that’s what he said.  So that’s my experience with the Care and share.  Whats yours?

Katelyn A. Bradt

My experience at the Care and Share was fun.  I got to see some elderly people.  We gave out cookies.  We sat down and talked with some of them.

Mason Gemelke

My experience at the Care and Share…When we walked in it was quiet.  Then we passed out cookies and a piece of paper.  Then we sat with the elderly and talked to them.  We were at the Care and Share for an hour and twenty minutes.  We were going to play bingo but it was early out and we came back and played at our school.  I sat with Nayely, Danni, DeVayne, Blake, Cade and Sam.  To get to the Care and Share we rode the bus.  We had partners on the bus.  My partner was Nayely.  Mrs. Schumann’s class was on the bus with my class.  My teacher is Miss West.  We had to dress up nice.  I saw Shaylee’s dad.  It was February 11, 2015.  They had things hanging up and there was one that said Love and there was also one that said I love you.  It was really, really fun at the Care and Share.

Jennica Dunagan-Stephens

My experience at the Care and Share was exciting!  I got to see my grandma, passed out cookies and got a mint too.  My partner was Barett.  Mrs. Schumann sat with us.  We were going to play bingo but we had to leave to go home from school.  Both classes were there.  I got confused and almost lost Barett.  It was very fun though. Once we left to go home we got lots of grapes.

Ethan Peterson

When I went to the Care and Share I passed out cookies with Mason and Alfred.  I also passed out extras.  Then Danni, Jennica, Nayely, Sam, DeVayne, Dade and I sat at a table.  We were so good that the people at the Care and Share gave us grapes.  I want to go to there again.

Blake Rubert

It was so fun but we did not play bingo.  I was sad but we played at the school.  We had fun on the bus ride.  It was loud, so loud I couldn’t hear myself think.  That’s how loud it was so we loved it and we got candy.  My grandpa Richardson was there.

Chrysta Cauley

I had fun at the Care and Share because we got to pass out cookies.  I saw the elderly and it was fun.  I got to see my great grandpa Craig Zane.  I got a mint and we played bingo in our class.

Barrett Belzer

My experience at the Care and Share was exciting.  at the Care and Share, Ivan and I passed out paper Valentines to the elders.  Then Ivan and I sat at a table and ate some grapes.

Noah Legg

When I walked into the Care and Share I liked it because it was nice and quiet.  All the elders were eating.  I liked it when we gave them cookies and a heart and they all said thank you.  I remember we were going to play bingo but it was early out and we came back and played bingo at our school.  We stayed at the care and share for one hour and twenty minutes.  At the table I sat with Jennica, Danni, Devayne, Sam and Cada.  To get to the care and share we rode the bus.   We had partners on the bus and my partner was Jennica.  Mrs. Schumann’s class was with us and we were all on the bus together.  Our class was with them.  We had to dress nice to go to the Care and Share because we couldn’t look dirty.  They also had things hung up for Valentine’s Day.  They had a thing that said Love and there was another thing that said I love you.  I had a lot of fun.

Nayely Gomez