3Bringing back the Friday Night Steak Feed is becoming a family affair for the sisters that run Maxine’s Place at the Walker Lake Golf Course. Suzy Berry explained that the concept was once a fun, local event.
Guests would cook their own steaks or have a chef cook them on the outdoor grill located at the golf course clubhouse.  The dinner cost is a set amount whether you cook your steak or not, with a full course meal that is tasty and hardy enough to fill anyone up.

Berry said, “We talked about this for a while, but then we realized it was time to bring back the grill.  Our mother, Maxine was the teacher and the family chef.  She lived in Italy for a while, where she picked up some cooking tricks that she passed onto to us.  Her recipes are better than any I’ve ever had and luckily she taught us how to cook.  My mother always felt that using fresh produce and quality meats will satisfy anyone’s hungry appetite.  Everyone would leave her table with a smile on their face and a full belly.  We learned all of this from her.”

The sisters, Corinne Sterns and Suzy Berry, set out to combine their skills by incorporating family members to hold down different stations. Berry and her cousin Alan Daby were in charge of the kitchen items, while Sterns and Berry’s husband, Ron took over the grilling on the lovely, built-in barbecue outside.  These special dinners are offered by reservation only and run every other Friday evening.   The type of steak varies by the meal that is being planned.   Their kids became the promotional group, getting flyers out while bragging about the cooks. This family is in total support of this vision with all hands on deck.

Despite what one might think, entering the Hawthorne Army Base to eat at the Country Club is an easy access.  One only needs to show a valid driver’s license or proper identification for all the passengers in each vehicle. Straight back from the check-in area is the Walker Lake Golf Course. From the parking lot it’s easy to follow the smell of grilling steaks and you can see the friendly faces waiting inside.

The first dinner for the year was Jan. 30, with all the tables full due to the reasonable pricing.   There were even some take-out orders being served up for diners that elected to eat at home.  The atmosphere was casual and the steak-house quality Porterhouse steaks were cooked to perfection.  Everyone raved about the generous portion size and the flavorful, moist meat.  Rounding out the meal were all the fixings, including homemade green beans which more than satisfied everyone’s expectations.  The bar was open to purchase a choice of drinks or water was available.

Maxine’s Place began Sept. 16 as a food truck endeavor for the base and for catering.  The Country Club houses their offering of breakfast and lunch items with a variety of menu items for the public to try.  Delivery is offered all the way to Schurz for a small fee. Berry’s son, Oscar, mentioned the chicken wrap as his lunchtime favorite, but looking over the menu it was clear there were endless combinations to make a custom wrap of your choice.  Sterns emphatically chimed to say, “Fresh food is the only way to go – no processed foods for us.  If you go into the food business for yourself, you have to love cooking.  You need to know food and how to procure the best there is, so the taste shows you are a true cook.  We represent ourselves and our family in this business, so we want to serve food we are proud of.  We are definite foodies!”

It’s been at least ten years since the old Friday Grill tradition was fired up for a Steak Feed, but the next date is Feb. 13, with a special dinner for Valentine’s Day.  Reservations or take out can be made by calling 775-312-1328.  Anywhere from 45 to 60 can be fed, as they anticipate using the outside seating in the upcoming summer grilling months.

The two sisters of Maxine’s Place incorporate their own sons, daughter-in-laws and grandchildren as a welcomed family night out, while bringing back some of the good old days. It’s great to know the grill is sizzling again out at the Walker Lake Country Club on those special Friday nights.