Commissioner highlights from May 1

NDOT work program

Sondra Rosenburg discussed the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) annual work program (for possible action) and acceptance of NDOT’s annual work program. Former county commissioner Jerrie Tipton was acknowledged for her work with NDOT while she was in that position. Commissioner Garth Price asked NDOT to acknowledge how the Mina sidewalk project came to light. Murph Glover stated it was at the public’s request. The priority projects for Mineral County were discussed.

The footing for the Hawthorne gateway sign should be poured within 30 days of this meeting with the sign being installed 30 days after that. Eric Hamrey asked about the widening of sidewalks between 2nd and 3rd Street on E Street in Hawthorne. NDOT is going to address the poles in the middle of the sidewalks. Rick Niedswieski asked the relationship between Commissioner Chris Hegg and possible new grocery store being built near Chevron in Hawthorne. Hegg explained Northern Nevada Development Authority and NDOT’s position on this area. Hegg asked if the concerns for Cory Canyon should be moved up.

Commissioner Garth Price stated that the county is having issues with the Hawthorne Army Depot on what needs to be addressed. Paul Harmon, District II supervisor, explained that culverts will be going in 2020. A chip seal from Hawthorne to Walker Lake will be scheduled for this summer. Randy Samson of Walker Lake agreed that turn lanes in that town will help. Glover stated that the best location for a lane will be near Cottonwood Drive. Mark Nixon asked for NDOT to address a sign near the depot which may be distracting travelers from coming into Hawthorne. Price made a motion to accept NDOT’s 2020 proposed work program.

Transportation and enforcement

Patsy Dotson from Hawthorne wanted to discuss with the commissioners the Care and Share senior service transportation and also code enforcement. She explained that those in Hawthorne cannot pick up their commodities. Cherrie George, senior services director, discussed some of Dotson’s issues for the commissioner’s information. Dotson also explained that the fire marshal needs to address fire hazards within the town.

Accounts receivable

Deputy Teresa McNally and Auditor-Recorder Cindy Nixon presented the commissioners with the vouchers for payment. Commissioner Christine Hoferer asked about a negative balance in the general indigent account. Price questioned the office supply orders for justice court. Reminder to redact prisoner names from vouchers. Hoferer explained that she is working with the county liability insurance company to recover funds from a prior fire chief that was overpaid. Price reminded departments to shop locally.


Bids were opened that were submitted for the Hawthorne Utilities hydraulic excavator bid. Two bids from Chase Mellen – Komatsu Company for $53,170 and Bobcat of Reno for $35,264.80. After going over the bids, it was found that the Bobcat of Reno bid was incomplete due to bid information missing. It was decided to accept the Chase Mellen – Komatsu Company bid.


Hoferer discussed with Deputy Clerk Bonnie DeMars the changed from the budget meeting as to how the minutes read.

Business license

The following business licenses were approved: Countywide Fire Services, Inc. (Franklin Cook); Maxim Healthcare Staffing Services, Inc. (Ashley Green); Thomas Towing (Thomas Alongi); Wesley’s Handyman Services (Wesley Crostini) and Motorheads Car Club (Randy Samson – this is for a solicitor’s license. This license was for a solicitor’s license. Elizabeth Chisholm asked that the fees be waived as it is a local club.)

Per diem rates

McNally came back in front of the board to discuss the per diem rates for Mineral County. She explained that the per diem currently for Mineral County is low. She presented the rates as set forth by the General Services Administration (GSA) website. Per diem currently is $34 for meals daily. McNally suggested that the per diem policy be rewritten. Rates for the meals were changed and the county will adopt the GSA rates.

UpCurve Cloud

Bret Towe, information tech for Mineral County discussed entering into a contract with UpCurve Cloud. He stated this is the company the county is using for G-Suite. The price went from $5 a user to $6 a user a month. Hoferer made a motion to enter into a two year contract for $18,360 to use UpCurve Cloud. Motion passed.

Use of racetrack

James Utterback requested from the commissioners for the Clampers/ECV to use the parking lot of the Hawthorne Raceway as a stop/staging area for a historical trek/look at the Carson Colorado Railroad from Candelaria to Wabuska. Utterback gave the history of the Clampers in Mineral County. The parking lot at the Hawthorne Raceway would be used for camping and staging for the Clampers. The dates are July 16-19, 2020. Almost 200 people will attend this event. A motion was made to allow the Clampers to use this area and to keep the area clean.

Delinquent tax mailing

Clerk-Treasurer Chris Nepper discussed the affidavit of delinquent property tax mailings for fiscal year 2018-2019 as required by NRS 361.56489. Nepper explained read the affidavit into record. He explained that that his office mailed 447 first year delinquent letters. From that mailing, 25 notices were returned and 25 notices were determined to be undeliverable. For second year delinquent letters, there were 110 mailed. 29 notices were returned and 29 notices were determined to be undeliverable. 68 critical third year delinquency letters were mailed, five were returned and five notices were determined to be undeliverable. 68 certified mailings were sent out for the critical third year delinquency. 16 were returned and 16 were determined to be undeliverable. Hoferer now asks what needs to happen. Nepper updated that there were 60 parcels in the tax sale and now there is only 38.

Legislative updates

Price explained that he is watching SB48 regarding diesel tax.


The Regional Transportation Commission met in session. The airport fill reports was as follows: the RTC will receive $2,974 and Hawthorne Airport $575. The airport also sold Jet A fuel and will distribute the funds when received. The balance is $199,175 in the RTC fund. Hamrey gave a report on the roads. He had approached the state parks to pick up another road for more funds. It was denied. The cost to rent a dozer is $7,000 a month to fix Bodie Canyon (Del Monte Canyon) Road. Hamrey talked to the state parks about possibly using one of their dozers. The county would have to go to Las Vegas to pick up. Rich Jacobson asked if the county has looked into renting the equipment that is currently located at Borealis Mine. Hamrey discussed painting the curbs and Armed Forces Day needs. Two bus stops have been completed. One is on O Street and another will be at Walker Lake as well as signage. Discussion of TAP grant from NDOT for sidewalks in conjunction with the school district. The road crew was recognized for patching the roads and getting ready for Armed Forces Day by Donna Oberhansli and also noticed by Price.

Closed session

The commissioners went into closed session pursuant to NRS 288.220 to discuss/review all labor/bargaining unit contracts, grievances and negotiations.

Open session

The commissioners announced they were back in open session. Nothing was reported.

Hamrey review

The commissioners met to conduct the annual performance evaluation of Eric Hamrey, Public Works Director, including, but not limited to possible promotion, endorsement engagement, retention, termination, suspension, demotion and reduction in pay, reprimand or “no action”.

Hamrey was told to tell his employees to continue to use their seatbelts and not drive and use the cellphone. Price asked Hamrey to work harder on his ‘teamwork’. Discussion of weeding the Mina Cemetery. Discussion of the abilities and limitations of the maintenance crew. Hamrey stated, “We are not the Maytag man.” Hoferer would like to get them more training through POOL/PACT. Hamrey would like a fleet maintenance program. Hoferer asked if there is enough work for a mechanic, as budgeted for the position you need. Hamrey said really a lube tech/wear parts person was hired, a schedule would be made and the pay is based on what the other departments pay. Discussion of keeping the oil changes, tire changes, etc. kept at the county level. Hoferer would like this on the agenda and addressed. No decisions were made.

Closed session, again

The commissioners made a motion to go into closed session pursuant to NRS 288.220.

Open session, again

Commissioners went into open session. Nothing was reported.

Boyles review

The commissioners me to conduct the annual performance evaluation of Christina Boyles, Mineral County recreation Coordinator, including, but not limited to possible promotion, endorsement engagement, retention, termination, suspension, demotion and reduction in pay, reprimand or ‘no action’. Boyles stated that she has had had cut toes from the pool house floor. She stated that is why she doesn’t feel she is as the highest safety level. Discussion of the graffiti at the park bathrooms. Discussion of cameras in the area. No decisions were made.