1In less than six minutes, the future of Green Energy Nevada was finished in Mineral County. The Board of County Commissioners met to discuss the fate of the company which had high hopes for the area.

The meeting which took place last month had no official from the company in attendance. Quick and to the point, Commissioner Jerrie Tipton began by stating, “I’m at the point – whatever the appraisal was, in now two years old. I would make a motion that we would just simply notify those folds and say, “Look, for whatever reason, we can’t consummate this deal. We’ve spent too much time and energy trying to get off the dime and so we are done.”

She also asked that the signs be pulled down from the parcels located in the old Babbitt town site.

Bill Williams informed Tipton that he had pulled the signs down, himself a few days earlier.

The motion was made by Tipton because Green Energy Nevada had failed to close escrow, after numerous extensions and Mineral County declares that they are done.

Commissioner Cliff Cichowlaz did state, “If they want to come back, we will entertain it. They can come back to us.”

The motion passed unanimously but that doesn’t mean that those who are in favor of GEN are backing down.

In a phone call to the Independent-News, Jim Campos, who calls himself one of GEN’s teamsters’s stated, “Let’s go forward. GEN Co. and Shelley Hartmann want to see this work.”

Campos expressed that he would like to meet with the county commissioners. “Let’s put the derailed train back on the track. Gather thoughts and go forward.”

A part-time resident of Walker Lake, Campos is looking at the economic prosperity that GEN could bring to the area. “GEN could bring good paying jobs. America likes to fix things and this needs fixed. Let’s sit down over a cup of coffee with the commissioners and discuss what we need to do to get this fixed.”

Though Cichowlaz stated he would entertain GEN coming back to the commissioner’s, Campos is worried about the next generation of Mineral County citizens.

“We [GEN] will have jobs coming to Mineral County and for Hawthorne. We will have the chance to grow. There is nothing left of Hawthorne to keep our next generation, so in the best interest of Mineral County, we need new drive.”

“400 jobs at the base can’t keep it [Mineral County] going. The next generation needs to feel good about being at home.”

Though the commissioners stated that GEN had not met their part by closing escrow, Campos stated that it was found in the title search that there were liens against the property GEN was looking at.
In reviewing the information at both the Mineral County Assessor and Mineral County Recorder’s offices, no liens were found on any of the property.

Until the commissioners and GEN supporters can come to a conclusion – the chicken farm in Mineral County is dead.