2Cailean Sterling who has undergone brain surgery has been in the University of San Francisco Children’s Hospital for recovery and rehabilitation is taking great strides in her own recovery.
Diagnosed with Posterior fossa pilocytic astrocytoma, Sterling has been out of intensive care and in a private room. This week, she was able to get out of the hospital where she ordered gelato for herself along with lunch for her therapist.
Tired of hospital food, Sterling is rehabbing well enough that she is able to go to the cafeteria and order for her mother and herself.
Posterior fossa pilocytic astrocytoma is a neoplasm of the brain that occurs more often in children than adults. The tumors tend to be slow growing and can affect different areas of the brain, including the spinal cord or optic chasm.
Currently, Sterling is not undergoing radiation but will be scanned every few months to make sure that there are no changes.
The seventeen year old is homesick for Mineral County and the Independent-News is putting together a “Homesick” package for her, where we are including photos of Mineral County and letters of strength and encouragement for the teen.
If you would like to drop off a card, stop by in the afternoon’s and give to one of the girls in the office.
At the rate that Sterling is recovering, we hope to see her back in the valley soon.