mcin 1-1-15Lithium samples from Teels Marsh in Mineral County were delivered to an assay lab in Reno. The samples are from Dajin Resources Corporation out of Vancouver, British Columbia who contracted with a local geologist to extract brine and solid samples in a shallow auger exploration program.

Dajin Resources owns 100 percent of the Teels Marsh claims which cover 5,405 acres near the living ghost town of Marietta.

The samples are being analyzed for lithium, boron magnesium and potassium and other elements which could be of commercial interest.

The claims are approximately 50 miles northwest of the Silver Peak Mine in Esmeralda County, the only brine based produced lithium operation in North America. The U.S. Federal government recently granted funding of over $28 million to the Silver Peak Mine, located in Clayton Valley, to assist in expansion of the production of lithium.

Lithium has recently been highlighted in the news when Tesla Motors Inc. announced that they will construct a ‘gigafactory’ battery manufacturing facility for producing lithium ion batteries east of Reno. The batteries being produced are for the automotive markets of Plug-in Electric and Hybrid Systems.

Tesla also announced interest in building much larger battery installations for storing the erratic power production of so-called sustainable power generators such as solar cells and wind generators.

Besides the Teels Marsh holdings, Dajin Resources also own interests in Argentina where there are also regions of brines with potassium, lithium and boron values.