Dear Editor,

As you may have seen in the paper, the BLM is having a meeting at the library on January 20, 2015. This meeting is for information and comments on Carson City District Resource Management Plan. This includes Mineral County. If you like to go out and explore, hunt or cut wood, then you need to make this meeting and make comments. The written comment period ends on March 27, 2015.

The management plan is available at the library, or you can get a CD from the BLM. There may be CD’s at the meeting. I do not know for sure. The management plan is online also.

This management plan is very large and I have only begun to go through it. One of the classifications is Lands with Wilderness Characteristics. The BLM evaluated all of the land that they control and in Mineral County they have recommended that six areas should be classified as having Wilderness Characteristics. At this time I do not know what the implications of this designation are. These six areas are as follows: Gillis Range North, Wildhorse Canyon and Wildhorse Canyon South (this is the Wildhorse Canyon that is near Poinsettia Mine), Stewart Valley Hills, Excelsior Mountains and Teels Marsh.

I have not had the time to read the whole document yet, but I wanted to get this in the paper so people would know that this meeting is important.

Thank You,

Harold Dimmick


Dear Editor and friends:

I apologize for being late for thanking people responded to my request to help move my son’s property to my house so he could move in.  I was surprised and overwhelmed.  I got several calls wanting “to go do it right now” And we got boxes! What a wonderful bunch of people.  My son takes a lot of medication and I’m sure many were wondering.  He also gained a bonus by finding a special friend who calls, etc.  I really was hoping for that.  He’s been reclusive for several years.  We welcome all friends that’s for sure!

Thanks again.

Glenda Palmer