To the people of Hawthorne,

Family, friends, teachers, coaches and fellow Hawthornians,

I pride myself in being able to have been in such a loving and supportive town. We’ve had our share of ups and downs, but show how always prevailed through it all.

You taught me that no matter what the problem or situation may bring up that you got to fight for what is right and what you believe in.

You taught me math, English, science, social studies, how to shoot a ball, how to catch a pass, how to bat a ball and how to run like a bat out of hell.

You taught me love, trust, integrity, self-esteem, confidence, perseverance, pride, honesty and most of all to be me.

I may not have shown those characteristics a lot of the time but they were there put away in a box.

When my mother passed, the women of this town treated me like I was their own and knowing I didn’t have a father present, the men treated me like a son. You were my extended family and still are. I thank you for all that you have done for me and all that you will do.

Thank you for the help in sports, the help in school and just in life in general. And when I see you in two or three years, I will be something you all can be proud of and be proud to say that I’m apart of you.
A part of something so rare, so loving, so salubrious that its goof for the soul.

A family, a community, a dynasty. I owe each and every one of you an apology. Because I mistreated, abused, manipulated and downright wronged you all. You deserved much better and I will spend a long time trying to make right, what I’ve wronged.

For the lies I’ve told, for the threats I’ve made, for the life’s I hurt and stole an for the hearts, the hands and the bridges I’ve burned, I extend my hand to begin reconstruction toward a new life, a new will and a new me.

You mean the world to me and in everything that I do you are my motivation and I will forever “bleed Black & Gold” and when you see me again, Probably in 2-3 years I will make you proud and finally I want to apologize to everyone I hurt in escaping from Mineral County Jail. It was a childish and adolescent thing and I’m hurt that I hurt you through that obtuse way of thinking.

I miss and love you all. A late Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

With love,

Shaiitarrio Brown

Indian Springs, Nev.

Dear Editor,

I was quoted “nobody wants to read the good news of our community”. I am writing in regards to the District Court News section of last week’s paper regarding my arrest 19 months ago. My daughter called my place of employment while at an away game to see if I was in jail because a friend called her to tell her I was in the paper, thinking that I had relapsed or reoffended. I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but I would like to give thanks to Judge Wanker for the sentencing me to the Western Regional Drug Court Program; Judge Breen; Judge Blake; the entire Drug Court Staff and my probation officer Brian Taylor. Since my arrest 19 months ago I spent time in jail, six months in an amazing treatment facility Step 2 in Reno, and graduated with “excellence” from the Drug Court Program and continue NA meetings three nights a week, so with the negative that was written I felt it would be nice to show that some of us do and did change our lives and continue to work hard every day to keep on the straight path.

Thank you,

Amanda Kellison

Dear Editor,

In attempting to research the duties of a Mineral County Commissioner, I only found past agendas of county business, reviewed through on-line sources.  I also found these are paid positions, with compensation for the work they are called to do.  With that in mind, I fully expect that each Commissioner works on behalf of all it’s citizens, without prejudice to any one location.  One could only imagine my disappointment in seeing Commissioner Cliff Cichowlaz refer to our lovely lake as a “puddle”, many times over in the article entitled “County in discussion to acquire State Beach land”.  At first we were insulted, then secondly it seemed unprofessional for someone who watches over our community to state a comment in such a worthless manner.

When I accessed the Mineral County website, I found an interesting comment.  This comment would totally counter the negative attitude in which Commissioner Cichowlaz spoke.  In the second paragraph on the Welcome To Mineral County page it states, “Mineral County is home to beautiful Walker Lake, a desert terminal water body treasured by the residents of the County”.   This paragraph goes on to describe more about our lake’s resource and seems to be a primary draw in the description of this County.  And so, may I ask, why would our Commissioner, who is listed as being the Chairman of the group, publicly degrade our lake by calling it a “puddle”?  Why demean opportunities of obtaining our State Beach, as if it will be an anchor around the County’s neck?  Why approach these resources in such a negative manner when so many organizations are striving to see this lake revive itself in the years to come?  This is another provocation of the continued negativism that is entrenched itself into this county.

Where are our innovators?  Where are the encouragements of a better tomorrow for this area?  Where are the selfless leaders that will draw in expansion and hope for our residents?  Even the young people left in this county are wondering the same thing.  Their future rests in the positive decisions of today.  It seems as if our leaders are satisfied to pedal a stationary bike, while its residents want to move forward.
Lastly, Commissioner Tipton, you stated that you were satisfied with the State leaving only concrete, but the removal of all the structures seemed appropriate to you.  I wonder what kind of expense it is for this State to remove all the awnings and other publicly used structures, rather than simply leaving them?  Have any of you approached this aspect with a reasonable request of leaving these, or at least part of the permanent items?  Currently they are aged, so it seems petty for the State to strip down the camping and picnic areas from the expected items.  I trust this can be revisited, and attitudes more positive on behalf of this «beautiful lake».


Sheri Samson

Walker Lake