None of Mineral County’s public schools were listed among the Nevada Department of Education’s list of the lowest performing schools in the state, which was released on Jan. 16.

The list is separated into three categories: Priority Schools (the lowest 5 percent of Title I schools), Focus Schools (the lowest 10 percent), and One-Star Schools (those which have fewer than 32 index points under the Nevada School Performance Framework).

Seventy-eight schools in 10 counties were included, the majority coming from Clark County. Washoe County followed with the second-highest number. Schools in Churchill, Elko, Humboldt, and Pershing Counties were also noted in the Focus and Priority School categories.

While the Nevada Department of Education listed over 10 percent of the state’s schools, Mineral County schools were not included in any of the three categories, and as such are not considered low-performing.
Mineral County High School and Hawthorne Elementary School each received  two-star ratings (with both schools’ index points falling between 32-50), with Mineral County High School receiving an adjusted score of 47 out of 77 for the 2013-2014 school year.

Some Nevada schools lack the students to consistently calculate all measures necessary to determine a score. These schools’ score is determined using an adjusted measure.

Two-star schools are designated as those which have room for improvement in whole school proficiency and growth. According to the report, district leadership will support the school in “improvement, planning, and implementation of specified and effective practices.”