2Mineral County School Board Trustees voted 3-0 unanimously to not renew the contract of current superintendent, Chris Schultz.

In a meeting facilitated by Trustee Vice President Keith Neville (who filled in for absent board president, Mark Nixon) presented the agenda item 5 – “In accordance with NRS 241.030 (1) (b) to consider the character, alleged misconduct, professional competence, or physical or mental health of Chris Schultz, Superintendent, in relation the review of his employment contract status to determine whether to offer the superintendent an extended contract or, alternatively, to allow the present contract to continue toward its expired date.”

With little discussion from the board, public comment was offered from those in attendance.

Hawthorne Elementary Principal Stephanie Keuhey addressed the board, “In speaking with my union representative and as an employee for the district, I still have the right to speak as long as it is in the best interest of the district, students and staff. As an administrator in this district for five years, the last two have been the worse of my professional career.”

Addressing the board, she asked, “This year, when we returned in an administration meeting I asked you [the Board] what does a leader do?”

“Last meeting I asked you who works on principal’s moral?” Not waiting for an answer from the board, Keuhey continued, “Mine is at the lowest its ever been. Who is responsible on working on it? Mike [Domagala, Mineral County High School principal], Walt [Hackford, Schurz Elementary principal] and I are barely hanging on. The superintendent role is who should be supporting us.”

Kristin Reeves, a former employee of Mineral County School District and the parent of two in attendance further added to the discussion, “My kids want to move because of not getting what they should [from the school]. The kids know it. From a parent’s perspective, no one was there to support our children at the 6th-8th grade basketball tournament. Only a group of parents. If we don’t support our kids, where are they going to learn it from? There are lots of parents at the music concert but the staff is not attending. They need to lead by example. “

It is the board’s job to change. Make sure Mineral County comes back. Take our kids into consideration.”
After hearing public comment, Trustee Barbara Lancaster stated, “Without a doubt we take the kids into consideration, we all do.”

Without any discussion, Trustee Donna Glazier made the motion to, “Not offer an extended contract to the superintendent and to allow his present contract to continue forward to its expiration date which is June 30, 2015 at 11:59 p.m.”

Lancaster seconded the motion and the three in attendance voted yes. (Nixon and Beatrice McMinn-Conway were absent).

Schultz was contacted but due to schedules was unable to comment.