Nationwide, approximately 10,000 motorists are killed in alcohol-related crashes annually, a figure that amounts to the number of seats on about 100 mid-sized jetliners. An impaired driving enforcement effort to reduce that number will take place Dec. 12 to Jan. 5.

The enforcement is part of the state’s Joining Forces program, consisting of officers from law enforcement agencies statewide, and is designed to keep travelers safe during the holiday season with high-intensity enforcement that zeros in on drivers impaired by alcohol or drugs.

So far this year, Nevada has experienced 59 alcohol-related deaths on its roadways, a decrease of 16 from 2013’s numbers at the same time of the year. Law enforcement aims to keep those figures static throughout the remainder of the year.

The Nevada Office of Traffic Safety urges motorists to designate a sober driver, take taxis, stay overnight or call a friend when celebrating the holidays. Make plans to get home prior to leaving for the evening.