Within five days, two dogs were struck and killed in Hawthorne.

Though Mineral County has its share of stray animals, the two canines that were killed, were family pets.

The tragedy that surrounds not only the death or injury to the animal also plays havoc on the mind of the driver of the vehicle which may have struck the animal or witnesses who see the misfortune play out before them.

“Those incidents are an important reminder to us that with the time change, rush hour traffic – if that is what we can call it in Hawthorne, it will be dark during the morning and evening hours. With dogs either being walked without a leash or dogs running loose, an accident can happen,” Undersheriff Steve McBride said.

The two dogs that were hit were both family pets. One was well groomed, running free while the other was walking with its companion when it was struck.

Mineral County does have a leash law. Keeping your animal on a lead or leash can help with the heartache of watching an animal suffer after being struck by a vehicle.

Dogs at large is not a new problem in Mineral County. Within a 48-hour period, last week, over 11 calls were for dogs at large. Keeping animals confined in a safe and humane manner is the responsibility of the owner.

“Mineral County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Officer Dan Brogden is on had to offer assistance regarding the Mineral County codes on lease laws or any other questions that may arise about animals within our communities. Fines can be initiated for dogs at large, but it is the intent of Mineral County Sheriff’s Office and Animal Control to educate the public before these incidents occur,” McBride concluded.

To learn more about how to safely walk your dog at night or to confine them to your yard, contact Officer Brogden at 775-945-2434.