5Members of the Mineral County Lions Club took time from their daily lives and obligations to decorate Veterans Memorial Park just in time for Christmas festivities.

The lighting of Veterans Park begins officially the holiday season in Mineral County, in place of the past traditional day after Thanksgiving parade.

Mineral County Christmas tree lightings don’t draw large named entertainers but those who do show are there full of community spirit, pride and Christmas joy. Candy canes and hot chocolate were served and enjoyed during the cold and windy night.

This year, Santa gave the reindeers a much needed break and enlisted the help of the Mineral County Fire Department and Hawthorne Volunteer Fire and Emergency Rescue to guide him to where children screamed his name, awaiting their turns to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him of the many items they wished for this season. He arrived with lights flashing and sirens howling, in true Mineral County fashion.

Children who were gathered at the gate were calling Santa’s name. Others immediately began to cry.

Christmas carols were led by Party Patrol who made sure that parents stayed in the holiday spirit.
After hearing all the children’s secrets and requests, Santa was whisked away to enjoy his last few days off before his whirl-wind adventure around the world.