1Military service runs deep in Cailean Sterling’s being. Both her brothers are themselves soldiers in the U.S. Army. Her father, Gil, himself is also retired from the Army. The list for her goes on and on.

It was of no surprise when Sterling began to set her sights on bettering herself. Not only an aspiring model but she also decided to homeschool herself here in Hawthorne, where she could focus on the subjects needed for her next adventure in life.

Not just a pretty face, Sterling has decided that her dream is just not on the modeling runway but also on heading to military school to further her education.

Dreaming of United States Military Academy at West Point but keeping her options open to other schools such as U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis and the U.S. Air Force Academy, Sterling has pushed herself hard in academics, focusing on mathematics.

Besides having outstanding academics and being physically fit, applicants must also begin their junior year of high school by completing tasks set forth by the school such as getting congressional and senatorial nominations from representatives in their state along with a recommendation from the vice-president of the United States.

Sterling is already in the progress of obtaining these recommendations with Congressman Steven Horsford already penning his letter about the Hawthorne teen.

Once accepted, her tuition to college, room and board and expenses are paid in full. Sterling will give four years to college then a six year commitment to the military afterwards. Her dreams are to be schooled and placed into aeronautical engineering, astronomical aerospace or geospatial.

Sterling has set your dreams for the stars. With her determination and drive, who knows where she will land.