Unlawful Possession of Alcohol / Minor in Consumption NRS 202.020, addresses underage drinking and some of the consequences. Please take time to share with your youth some of the unnecessary risks they are taking when they consume alcohol or may just be hanging out with others who are consuming alcohol.

According to NRS 202.020 it is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to purchase, consume or posses an alcoholic beverage in public. As parents I recommend you should review the entire chapter with your juvenile to be better aware of this law. Also under NRS 62E.630 any juvenile with a drivers license and/or able to obtain a drivers license within the next 2 years and has an alcohol or controlled substance offense may lose their license for at least 90 days but not more than 2 years. These laws may be seen on the Internet by searching Nevada Revised Statutes, or you may come by the JPO office.

Also the court may order a term of Probation with fines, written reports, evaluations with recommendations, community service hours, alcoholics and narcotics anonymous meetings, imposed curfew times, or other special needs on case by case basis. Youth involved in sports risk being suspended from participation. It would be wise for our youth to be fully aware of the risks they may be taking as by not knowing the consequences is sometimes a shock to the juveniles and their families, however the plea of not knowing the consequences does not justify not being held accountable to the standards set by law.

Most importantly we would always regret the unnecessary accident or injury to anyone including our youth involved in a horrible incident that may have been preventable.