Saturday the Mighty Serpents defeated North Tahoe 31-25. It was an awesome game; both teams were a great match up. The Serpents started off strong with the quarterback, Katcher Millward running in for the first touchdown of the game. In turn the opposing team scored a touchdown as well, but was unable to make the conversion for the extra point due to Noah Legg busting through the offensive line and pushing back the ball carrier.

Our team gained yards quickly with some first downs made by Drake Spanier and Jaevaun Jones. DeVayne Isom had a nice 30 yard run setting up D. Spanier to come in for the touchdown. With three consistent tackles in a row, Preston Larramendy forces North Tahoe to turn the ball back over to us. Millward handed off the ball to D. Spanier who did a fake reverse handing the ball to Triston Jones who ran an amazing 75 yards for the third touchdown of the game. North Tahoe scores again but we came back with D. Spanier running 32 yards setting up for first and goal. Millward runs in for the touchdown, he makes a nice pass to T. Jones for the extra point taking us into to the half with a score of 25-13 Mighty Serpents.

North Tahoe comes back to score two more touchdowns but we quickly get one up on them with Aidan Spanier running 25 yards to score, making the final score of the game 31-25 Serpents. These kids played exceptionally well and earned their win with pride. Both defense and offense had some great tackles made by Rashad Martinez Jr., D. Spanier, Isom, Dujuan Blondin, Larramendy, A. Spanier, Legg, Cade Torres, J. Jones, T. Jones, Jaden Brown and Andrew Stinson.

We want to thank the parents and community for their support. We had an awesome season and can’t wait for next year. A big shout out to our coaches for dedicating their time and patience in helping   our children become great ball players. Justin Millward, Tevis Jones, Shawn Isom, Michael Stevens, and Mike Spanier. You guys are awesome. To our team moms, Melissa Isom and Krissy Stinson, thanks for being there for our kids and supporting them. We appreciate all your hard work.