Dear Editor

Never before, as I recall, have we had access to the wealth of experience and training in law enforcement. Had Handte won the election, I was going to suggest that he make room on his staff for Adams. As the citizens of Mineral County have elected the training and rural experience of Adams, I hope there can be room for the training and urban experience of Handte and McBride.

Hawthorne is not Mayberry, nor has it been since 1980. Since then, we have kicked out a California gang, discouraged a motorcycle gang, and have held at bay the notorious 13th Street gang. As the tentacles of urban crime reach into our area, we need all the help we can get. If my hope cannot be realized, I know of a sheriff department in another county that needs reform.

For now, I offer my congratulations to Mr. Adams. His rural experience is needed, too. Mr. Adams, I wish you good luck. I suspect it will not be long until letters to the editor from some writers will complain about the scary, new big bad sheriff.

Paul Powell