fireHearing a “pop”, a couple on their way from Chalfont Valley in Calif. to Dyer made an unexpected detour at Montgomery Pass, Saturday, Oct. 11 afternoon.

“I heard a pop and thought the truck was overheating”, the victim told Sheriff Stewart Handte who was first on scene.

By the time they pulled over to the side of the road on the mountain pass, the small truck was engulfed in flames with the fire beginning to enter into the compartment of the truck. Both occupants were older, with the passenger in his mid-80’s.

No injuries were reported, but the Dodge Dakota was totally destroyed. With no way to get back, the couple was taken home to Calif. by Handte. Mineral County Fire Department was on scene was able to contain the engulfed truck.

Trooper Christian Olson was on scene for Nevada Highway Patrol, no citations were given.