MCCarbon dioxide levels reached an unhealthy high after a CO2 leak at McDonald’s in Hawthorne, and workers quickly began to experience side-effects from high levels.

Employees began to feel the side-effects of confusion, headaches and trouble breathing after the leak. After calling 911, they were immediately told to evacuate and wait for medical technicians.

Mineral County Fire Department with mutual aid from SOC-Fire were called to the scene and suited up in order to turn off the system which normally is used to carbonate drinks. Under the direction of Dave Womack, the fire personnel were able to enter the service room safely, disconnect the system and render aid to those involved. The incident caused seven employees to become ill. Of those, volunteers of Mineral County Fire and Ambulance were able to treat all but three on scene. Those three were transported to Mt. Grant General Hospital for observation.

The fast food restaurant was reopened approximately 90 minutes later. The incident caused confusion not only to those involved with the CO2 poisoning but also to those who use the local hang-out to grab a bite to eat. Customers were turned away until employees were able to return to work.