The raid on the Road Runner Motel in Schurz last Tuesday left a pondering question, “What is the value of the marijuana plants, dried marijuana and hash oil worth?”

According to Sheriff Stewart Handte of the Mineral County Sheriff’s Office, he values each marijuana plant at $3,000, conservatively, regardless of size or condition. Deputies found over 140 plants during the raid, placing the value of just the plants themselves at $420,000.

Street value on an ounce of marijuana per, gives the breakdown to $80 an ounce for medium grade pot in North Las Vegas.

Found within a room at the motel, over 100 pounds of dried marijuana had been carefully preserved and bagged. Following the price given on the website that would estimate the price of the confiscated material to be $128,000.

The estimated price of the hash oil has yet to be determined, as a weight on the item was not given.

In narcotics alone, the bust yielded $548,000+ worth of product that could have found their way onto the streets of Mineral County.

After discovering the narcotics, weapons, cash and other items, a warrant has been issued for the arrest of Raj Singh, owner of the Road Runner Motel.