Downtown Hawthorne is being dealt another blow as Washington Federal, the town’s only bank, will be shutting its doors in a little over two months.

The Seattle-based company announced its decision in August, sending a letter out to its customers informing them of the Nov. 14 closure.

“We were told that there wasn’t enough foot traffic to maintain this branch,” said Hawthorne branch manager Stacey Ketz.

In the letter, the company said that all accounts will be automatically transferred to the closet Washington Federal location, which for Hawthorne customers would be 940 W. Williams Ave. in Fallon. They also said that the closure will not affect online banking pro-files, debit cards or account numbers.

An ATM machine will remain in the community at location to be determined.

The news isn’t good for employees of the Hawthorne branch either, who have been told they can apply for a transfer to another location if they wanted to do so. As of now there are no plans to replace the bank with another, so in all likelihood the building will add to the number of boarded up businesses on Main St.

“They (Washington Federal) were trying to see if another bank was interested in coming to this community, but haven’t gotten any response so far.”

The company purchased the Hawthorne Bank of America, along with 23 others in Nevada and Arizona in early February this year. Their first day was on May 3.

In addition to Hawthorne, they will also be closing their branches in Pioche and Beatty.