Dear Editor,

I learned something new this week and have found the cure of the economic woes of Mineral County, wall to wall “marijuana factories!” Well, it would work if we could get the fascist thugs employed by the evil Sheriff of our fair county to stop picking on the citizenry. Then, if the County Commissioners to just do their jobs and issue business licenses we could be shipping truck loads to Colorado and Washington and growing rich. Who needs chicken farms and truck stops? We could have Bong Breaks at the El Cap and Reefer rolling contests! Wouldn’t life be grand? Honestly, I don’t know why no one thought of this before. Thanks Mr. Jones.

Cherrie George does do good work doesn’t she? Mr. Inlow brought in a correctly completed petition with the requisite number of signatures and got the service he deserves just like any other citizen. While I cannot honestly see our Commissioners immediately revoking the offending ordinance, I do see an opportunity for the people of Mineral County to vote on this petition. I just wonder what will happen when the citizens vote to keep the ordinance, and they have the right to do so even if Mr. Inlow will not like it.

What will happen if the ordinance stands? Will every decision made by our commissioners have to wait for a vote of the people before anything can be done? If, on the other hand, the ordinance is repealed and the current commissioners are replaced by the opposition, what then? Should I sue and put up petitions for every ordinance passed by the opposition?

We voted for these three individuals for a reason. Yes, we’ve voted for idiots before. Just look to Washington DC and pick either party. But the majority of us voted for people we thought could help us make Mineral County a more attractive place for business. A vocal minority does not want to let that happen. Let them have their day. Sadly, I doubt that a majority support for this ordinance or any other future ordinance will ever be acceptable to the people in the opposition. 

God Bless America.

Charlie Morris,

Walker Lake

Dear Editor,

A couple of weeks ago we were evacuated due to a neighbor using some type of explosives as a hobby. I do not understand how the person on Pinon Street could have put an entire neighborhood in jeopardy and caused us to be evacuated and yet, all he gets is a slap on the hand.

Storing any kind of blasting material in your home is dangerous to yourself and obviously, those around you.

I feel he should have been fined and cited for mishandling his “hobby material”, endangering the neighborhood, and causing the evacuation. I also feel he should be made to make a donation to Search and Rescue since from what I understand, they are totally volunteer. He should have given an apology to all those who were evacuated, young children, retired folks amongst them.

Thank you,

Patricia Pletzer