Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to thank all the registered voters in Mineral County for your support in not signing the most recent petition to recall me as your Commissioner. Your efforts in not supporting this endeavor has renewed my faith in doing the very best job that I am capable of performing to your expectations as your Commissioner for Mineral County.

I decided at the beginning of this petition to recall me to remain silent and see how it would play out. I actually had faith in the end that common sense would prevail and it did. For 100 days I followed the newspaper and the accusations on social media made against myself and the county. I have known all along that people would disagree with my decision making as a commissioner, but what prevailed over the process of the last 100 days has been absolutely absurd.  When I chose to run for office I made it very clear that we needed to make much needed changes in order to make this County a better place to live, work and play. Policies, procedures, regulations, ordinances had to be changed in order for us to move forward as county.  The future for Mineral County was bleak at best. We have the highest poverty rate, highest unemployment rate, highest senior citizen rate per total population in the state, and the highest tax rate per homeowner.  These are categories not to be very proud of. We have diminishing resources and failing businesses.  I ran a campaign on economic prosperity and quality of life, all of which is affected by the above mentioned subjects.  I heard from some of the people, people that probably voted against me that everything is alright and OK.  This is the farthest from the truth unless you consider all the above to be OK.  I for one cannot stand mediocrity, we need to make needed changes when things are failing.  Change is difficult and requires work, but it is necessary to survival and sustainability long term.  We need to breakout of what has not worked and attempt to make changes for everyone’s benefit.

Mr Inlow and his PAC committee would have you believe that your decisions and our decisions as commissioners are wrong.  He will go at great lengths in order to prove that his solution of returning to the same old way of governing was working and to leave it alone.  I consider him and his PAC committee obstructing and he has no desire to make things better, let alone have any constructive solutions to the problems facing Mineral County.  I have no problem with good principled opposition and helpful solutions, but his personal agenda of anti-government I disagree with.  I am tired of hearing your political whining and ravings of socialism.  Mr. Inlow you appear to always defend your position by saying it’s not personal, but one of against big government. WRONG… Any time you attach a persons name to a petition or name their position or title in government to your opposing viewpoint you’ve made it personal.  So if you take this personal, SO BE IT!!!

Let me remind you that the US Constitution starts with “WE The people” not “ME the people” Thank you everyone again for your support and I will work hard on your behalf.

Paul MacBeth

Mineral County Commissioner

Dear Editor:

The recent comments made by Clark County rancher, Cliven Bundy, after his successful standoff with the BLM have substantially and disgracefully undermined his circumstance with the BLM in the public view.

However, during the standoff with the bureau we saw the agency’s employees drawing down on American citizens as if they were some type of terrorist insurgents, while, in fact, for the most part the Bundy family was doing no more than attempting to protect their private property.  Since when did it become necessary to place snipers around a 70-plus year old man and what will the government do when the debt owed is substantially greater than a mere one million dollars?

Now Democrat U.S. Rep. Steven Horsford wants to investigate the militia groups who came to support and defend the Bundy’s against the 200 federal agents with assault-type rifles aimed at the family?  I guarantee the federal government, with its NSA powers and abuse of powers, already knows who the militia men and women are, making any such call on Horsford’s part for an investigation just so much water carrying for Harry Reid.  This is pure government intimidation.

If Mr. Horsford really wants to make a difference in his short time in Congress, why isn’t he trying to find out why the Administration failed to protect Americans in Benghazi against terrorists at the embassy when Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed, or why the IRS is allowed to target non-profit corporations based on their political views, or even why Brian Terry was gunned down at the border in Arizona with arms that the federal government allowed to pass over the border into Mexico during the Fast and Furious campaign devised by yet another federal agency?

Better yet, why doesn’t Mr. Horsford find out when it became SOP for the Bureau of Land Management to arm its employees against American citizens in the first place?


Sue Silver


Dear Editor;

I would like to publicly inform you and your readers that although this Newspaper has neglected to inform the residents of Mineral County of any information whatsoever concerning the Petition to repeal the Mineral County Nuisance Abatement Ordinance, the Petition is doing quite well.

By using the Postal Service’s Direct Mail fliers we have been able to notify all of Hawthorne and Walker Lake (Schurz is next) of the County wide Petition even though this paper has neglected to even mention it. With only one series of signing events we had already achieved enough signatures to put us over 60% of the required signatures to achieve our goal. We now have over 70% of the required signatures. Two people residing in Hawthorne now have copies of the Petition to gather signatures and they can be contacted for those who desire to sign. These people are: David Nichols (shrek) AND Arlene Hoferer (304 C. Street). We have until June 27th to gain enough signatures and we are confident that the goal will be met.

We would like to take this time to Thank everyone who is stepping up and helping this endeavor to succeed, and to encourage the people to continue coming forward to sign this Petition which ultimately will give the Mineral County Voters the Democratic right to determine if they want the Ordinance or not. 

In today’s world Newspapers may be able to slow down the facts and newsworthy items by refusing to print anything and remain silent, but they cannot hinder them enough to make a difference. With Postal Service direct mailing, public meetings, and the internet we can inform the public of the newsworthy items including the Newspapers failure to perform its duty.

Glen H. Inlow

Mineral County PAC for Limited Government, chairman